$199 Meike 85mm F1.8. Is it any good?

Meike 85mm F1.8 AF for X-mount. Let me start with the con of this lens first. The plastic body finishing doesn’t feel lux. AF is a little noisy. Just a tiny bit.Focusing is alright. Not quick. Average at most. No aperture ring. Chromatic aberration is evidence. This is most obvious when shooting in back lighting scenario. If you are taking buildings or scene with lines; there will be a very slight barrel distortion effect. Results is a little soft. It’s not WR. Now that  all this out of the bag, let’s talk about the good stuff.

@F1.8 1/4000
@F6.4 1/480
@F1.8 1/3500
@F1.8 1/100 ISO2500
@F1.8. 1/200 ( X-H2)
@F1.8 1/32000 (X-H2)

The no.1 selling point is the price. At USD$199 you are getting great value for this auto focus lens. Bright F1.8 and it’s a mid telephoto lens. This should be every beginner’s first telephoto prime lens. As I mention it’s not the quickest lens but it’s a very useable and acceptable for everyday use. When paid with X-H2, the eye detect works very well together. Perfect for outdoor portraiture and even fine art photography. Sun star on this lens looks pretty good too. It may not be clinically sharp but good for portraits. A little softness to create the mood. The other advantage is its weight, at 386 grams its light for this genre of lens. Lets have a little comparison.

$199 386g Meike 85mm F1.8.      ( AF lens )

$399 592g Samyang 85mm F1.4 ( Manual lens )

$399 484g Viltrox 85mm F1.8       ( AF lens )

@F1.8 1/3800
@F1.8 1/6500 ISO 250
@F1.8 1/18000
Size comparison.
@F1.8 1/3800
@F1.8 1/900
@F1.8 1/1100
@F16 1/30
@F1.8 1/8000
@F1.8 1/100 ISO 1000
F16 1/125

Lastly, if you are looking for a mid-telephoto lens and have a budget; this lens is definitely pocket-friendly. A worthy consideration. 

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