FujiFanBoys was founded by Ivan Joshua Loh. He is also a Fujifilm X-photographer and a Singapore base commercial photographer. (www.pigscanfly.com.) His purpose was to created a platform to weave all Fujifilm user globally to come together.  To learn, improved and exchange ideas in the world of photography. 

Fujifanboys also share news on the latest Fujifilm cameras, lenses and photographic related gears. Video reviews and photowalks. There are also group buys and special promotions for FujiFanBoys community; and this includes FujiFangirls too!

Annually there is also a global photo competition. Its name; FujiFanBoys Best of Show. 2022 competition has attracted more than ten thousand submission globally. The winners photos will be exhibited in 7 cities. Singapore, Jakarta, London, Bangkok, Dubai, Manila and Ho Chi Minh. 




    1. Nope. But I do hope they read this and contact me. As least for OOwa or Osmo. As for Fujifilm, I am just do my “duty” as a X-photographer. Cheers mate.

      1. Thanks for honesty. Too many photographers don’t disclose the relationship with the manufacturers. It can be a challenge to know if I can trust the reviews and gear advice.

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