{ Calling The Shots }

Calling The Shots is a series of photograph of people in a fun, crazy and quirky style. It all began when I first started shooting a portrait of a chef. I will spend days on the concept so that I know what I was trying to achieve on the day of photo shoot. Months later, by the time I have photograph 4 personalities; I was putting the 4 picture side by side and it dawn unto me that I may have created a “style“.

Angie-2 (1) Yana anthony caseytan2 Danny

This started me thinking maybe I should shoot more into it. Most of this pictures’s art direction are not spontaneous rather they are “control”. I will discuss with the client on the concept and art direction, wardrobe and make-up. I want to be able to capture the personalities and bring the fun, crazy and quirky side of them. The final picture must already be in my head before the shoot. On average I will fire about 100-250 shots on a session.

On a typical session, make-up and hair will be first; which usually takes about an hour for ladies and 15 minutes for men. I will take first round of photos. Maybe 10-25 shots. There will be times when all the “preparation” doesn’t seem to help in getting the “shot”! So what do one do? Panic of course! LOL..

Then I will sit down with the client and discuss and get feed-back with the whole team. We will discuss on everything; from wardrobe, make-up, hair styling, lighting, angle, lightning, the smile; or not to smile in some cases. This will also help the model to understand better and thus in return it will help me in nailing that shot. Communication is key. Just like many things in life.

Up to date I have the privilege to photograph more then a hundred personalities on this series. Do check out more Calling The Shot pictures at http://www.pigscanfly.com/calling-the-shots

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