2021 Winners Announced.

3rd Annual FujiFanBoys Best of Show Competition. 

This year we have a combined total of 8000 plus submissions! In 2 categories. X-series and GFX. We are honored to have 9 judges for this year competition.

GFX  Category Winners

As there are so many great submissions,thus making the judging process even tougher. Having said that;there could only be that 10 winners per category. Let’s start with the top 10 winners from GFX category. This year’s winner is not a FujiFanBoy but a FujiFangirl. She is Carly Zavala. 

X-series Category Winners

We would like to take this opportunity say a Big thank you to this year’s sponsor.

As mention earlier, there are so many amazing submissions from all over the world, Below we would like to share finalist’s photos from the 2 category. Congratulation to all of you. These photos are not in any particular order. 

GFX Category (Finalist)

Here are the finalist for X-Series category. As mention they are not in any particular order. Congrats to all.

The 20 winners photos will be exhibited at Hotel Soloha which is our venue sponsor for this year competition. The exhibition will start from 1st of August till 31st August. Once again a big thank you to all FujiFanBoys and FujiFanGirls for making this competition a success. Lastly do follow us at https://www.instagram.com/fujifanboys/

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