23mm vs 23mm vs 23mm. Plus X-E3.

When I first saw X-E1; i didn’t like it especially when its place beside the X-pro1.
It’s the design of the camera that didn’t stir my emotions. Through the years
with X-E2 and the X-E2s; I think my encounter with these cameras is less than 10
minutes all together! There are even rumors that Fujifilm might axe the X-E line
altogether; which I am not surprise. Now you know I am not a fan.
Having said all that; X-E fans out there; I think Fujifilm may have made the ultimate
X-E camera! So what is new with X-E3. If you like the form of X70 for its street
photography capability and have always wish somehow it has interchangeable lens
feature, X-E3 may be your answer. Or you could say that X-E3 is a less handsome baby brother of X-Pro2.
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I feel in order to fan more fans like myself into the world of X-E3, here are my wish
list. Give me a tilt screen! This will make it the most desirable interchangeable
street camera in the X-series line-up. having said that here is what’s is new on X-E3.
1. Its has Bluetooth! First ever for a X Series model to feature Bluetooth low energy 
wireless communication. You can now paired with your iPhone and iPad. Yes, finally.
2. 4K video.  Yes you heard it; plus its able to shoot in any of the famous X-series
film simulation mode. One could also output recorded video to an external monitor, 
via the HDMI port, and input audio from an external microphone. Woohoo to all
future great movie makers! 
3. No prizes for guessing this. X-E3 now house a 24.3 megapixel APS-C X-Trans 
CMOS III sensor.
4. Improved AF and also upgraded AF tracking performance. Here are the specs 
from Fujifilm for those dying for numbers: The X-E3 features a large phase detection 
AF area and an updated algorithm to deliver a fastest AF speed of 0.06sec.. The X-E3 also 
offers 5.0fps live-view shooting, a quick start-up time of 0.4sec., a shutter time lag of 
0.050sec. and a shooting interval of 0.25sec. Thanks to the newly developed image
recognition algorithm, the X-E3 is able to track moving subjects twice as fast as 
previous models. In addition, the X-E3 is also able to track moving subjects of half
the size as before.
5. Upgraded intuitive touchscreen operation. Blah, Blah Blah….. in a nut shell, it
works very well. Feels as good as iPhone. The coolest part is now with your
eye on the EVF one could still touch the screen and move/drag your focus point. 
This is pretty neat. 
6. Not that this will help improve your photography but I like the 2 dials on X-E3. 
On closer looks; these two dial are precision-milled aluminum. Simply geogerous 
and check out the pictures.
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Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 8.47.30 PM
Having spend a couple of days with X-E3, I must say that I still don’t like how it 
looks. It’s just personal preferences. Looking deeper below the skin; X-E3 is indeed
a very capable camera. I have nothing much to complain even though the D-pad
have totally disappeared form the back of the camera. If one is looking for a small
interchangeable X-series camera with great ability; X-E3 is certainly a very able
contender. OK I don’t hate the camera now!
EmptyName 33
No more D-pad.
Next, it’s the weekend and the most versatile lens for me will be 23mm focal lenght or
its 35mm in 135mm format. It’s a just a tiny bit wide and perfect for documentary
portraiture. That is why I find this focal length my favorite. It’s also the gold standard

for street photography.

If you are thinking of moving camp to the wonderful world of Fujifilm X series. There
are 3 options. The easiest will the fix lens X100F. Certainly one of the most sexy and
powerful “compact” camera on the market. At wide open the lens is rather soft
especially at close range. Once the stop down to F2.8. Its pin sharp. Next will be its
older sibling,  X-Pro2 with the XF23mm F2 WR and finally X-T2 with the classic
XF 23mm F1.4. Or the other way around. Below a set of pictures taken by the 3 lenses
at difference aperture to showcase the differences. Do click to see full size.
Technically all this 3 cameras have the same sensor. So I will not chat further in this
area but rather on how this 3 lenses compare with the camera body on it. Of course
there are no option for change of 23mm lens on X100F but for the other two, I will
explain why I choose to mount the lens on which camera body and not the other
way around.
I guess the first question everyone would ask is how the 3 lenses compare at wide
open. If you are a bokeh monster; the answer is obviously XF23mm F1.4. That is
a clear winner. And also my favorite. What about the other 2 lenses at F2?
XF23mm F2 WR lens has a design that makes the lens smaller in the end. This works
perfectly with X-Pro2 when you love the use the OVF. The small lens design gives you
a clearer optical view compare with the XF23mm F1.4 which is a bigger lens and thus
block more when OVF is used. Of course when EVF is used; nothing is block. I also
love the pull/push ring of the XF23mm F1.4, in an instant I could change from AF to
manual focus. When paired with X-T2, this is a handsome set-up and very balance
on the hands.
Final thought.
There is no winners in this case of sibling rivalry.  Both the 2 lenses and also the lens
on X100F are great lenses and they are different. I will personally choose the older
XF23mm F1.4 over the XF23mm F2. That extra stop does a lot of wonder. The AF is
actually not that slow! I still think the IQ from this lens is the best among the 23mm
siblings. If you spend all your time at the pool shooting grandma in bikini splashing
water at you; its obvious the XF23mm F2 WR is for you. Pair with any WR X-cameras
you are the invincible dude at the pool. As for X100F;  this camera always have left
a deep footprint on me. Its my favorite everyday camera. X100F ticks all the boxes in
my world. Did I mention it’s also a leaf shutter lens!
If I were task to choose one. It will be X100F for the style and ease of use. As for my daughter she think otherwise……
Summer can’t wait to bring all the X-E3 to her classmates!
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