2nd FujiFanBoys Best of Show Exhibition.

The results are out! The winners have been crowned. We have more than ten fold increase in this year submission. The 2nd FujiFanBoys Best of Show Exhibition wouldn’t be a success without the endless support of every Fuji Fanboys and Fangirls. 
We have almost 3500 submission this year. 
I would like to thank the four other judges. First the 3 amazing X-photographers Jose Jeuland (@josejeuland), Benny Ang (@bennyangphotography)  and Niko Miguel G. Villegas (@nikogvillegas). Lastly the wizard of light, Eujin Goh
(@tomohitoshi) from Broncolor Singapore. 


I also wanna take this opportunity to thank Super FujiFanboy, Ivan Chen (@ivanchenfotography). He is kind enough to sponsor the 2nd and 3rd prize for this year competition. 
The judges spend many hours across many days debating about which photos is the one. Looking at bribes offered, heated arguments and friendship on the brink of coming to an end. Eventually we manage to stay on course professionally and hence the result. 
25 photos had been selected for the 2nd FujiFanBoys Best of Show Exhibition. This exhibition will be held from 1st – 31st of August 2020. The Venue is at Fujifilm Studio at Suntec City Mall in Singapore. This 25 photos represent the top 0.7%. Below are the top 10 position and 15 finalist. A big congratulation to all my fellow Fuji Fanboys and Fangirls. 
Nika Samkharadze(1st)Marlon Villaverde(2nd)Oliver Raschka (3rd)
Marlon Villaverde(4th)REUBEN EKOW QUANSAH(5th)
Gergely_Tóth(6th)Mirta_Robiony(7th)Nico Harold(8th)

Christopher Allend Drinkard(9th)Ron Ng(10th)

Below are the 15 finalist in no particular order. Congratulation.

Jan-DemannEvans HuangJesse Jr

Ruben EvertsRodolfo Dane Frias


Luke OakleyLeong Tsu QuinLeonardus DepariLe Hoang AnhKyaw Kyaw WinnDo Quoc VietDianaDennis SzepanDante Lindbergh L Barbosa


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