3rd FujiFanBoys Best of Show Exhibition at Hotel Soloha

With more than 8000 submission at this year 3rd International FujiFanBoys Best of Show, we are honor to showcase the top 20 winners at our venue sponsor location, Hotel Soloha. The exhibition is suppose to open on 1st August till the end of month. Unfortunately due to some tighter restriction in Singapore due to Covid, this exhibition have been postpone till now.

Courtyard inside Hotel Soloha.
Hotel Soloha. 12 Teck Lim Road.

The exhibition is officially open from 10th September, 24 hours a day, 7 days week till 10th October 2021. The venue is at 12 Teck Lim Rd, Singapore 088387. https://solohahotels.com Hotel Soloha is a bespoke Hotel in the vicinity of Keong Saik Road. Keong Saik Road is essentially little Chinatown – it’s a street that’s populated by heritage shophouses built in the 1950s and 60s that are home to some of the best gastronomy places in Central Singapore. Other than Potato Head Singapore which is an oft-visited spot for chill Friday evenings, Keong Saik Road is also a mini-food capital because of the presence of long-established local food fix Tong Ah Eating House and Michelin-starred affair Meta Restaurant.

Getting ready.
Arrangement time.
Winners gallery.
Winner’s gallery
Big Thank you to our sponsors.

We inviting fellow Fujifanboys and FujiFanGirls to the exhibition, or infact any fellow photographers. The good people at Hotel Soloha is extending this event by creating a mini contest for visitors to the exhibition. There are Luxury Suite rooms, InStax cameras and dining vouchers to be won. Below are the 3 rules for the contest which runs on the same dates as the exhibition.

1) Snap a selfie in with the exhibits at Soloha, and then upload your best shot of/in Chinatown.

2) Upload both photos and hashtag “#SOLOHAX”

3) Follow @hotelsoloha, @instaxsingapore and @FujiFanBoys

The top 3 winners stand to win the following:

1st prize: LOFT 1 night stay + Fuji Instax Cam (sponsored by InStax Singapore) + a pack of free Instax film

2nd prize: Deluxe Room 1 night stay

3rd prize: $30 Takeshi Noodle Bar dine-in vouchers

In collaboration with this event, Hotel Soloha is offering a 15% discount plus a free Chinatown tote bag. . Promo Code “SOLOHAFUJI” This promo is valid till 10th October 2021 with the the usual T&Cs.

Lastly, sharing my wonderful stay at Hotel Soloha. Do check out my blogpost https://fujifanboys.com/2019/08/21/charming-soloha/

Bar at Hotel Soloha.

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