A closer look at MCEX-45

Say hello to MCEX-45 and also its other sibling MCEX-18 It’s the new
macro extension tube for GFX system. Basically what extension tube
does is giving your original lens the capability to shooting beyond its
minimum focus distance.
GF63mm + MCEX-45
GF120mm + MCEX-45
GF63mm + MCEX-45
Let’s take GF63mm. It was my first GF lens and I know a few owners
out there only own this lens. Before you invest on your next GF lens,
you may wanna consider this two marco extension tube. I had a
fun time playing with it.
Before I continue I would like to explain with 3 pictures. First shot
is taken with GF63mm at its minimum focusing distant. The second
shot is taken MCEX-18 mounted with GF63mm. The last shot is with
Taken with GF63mm. ( forgive my angle ) LOL.
As you could see there is nothing to compare between the two
extension tube. Basically MCEX-45 has a greater closer minimum
focusing distance. Its drawback is it also more than 2 times thicker.
As always; the headache is which to purchase if you are looking
at investing in one. Good Luck.

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