Bokeh Art

Like with many fellow photographers; we love to photograph, especially
when we have a new lens that is able to produce lovely bokeh. Sometime
when we ask a stranger or a friend to help us take a photo of ourselves;
we get lovely bokeh of ourselves.


Sometime its a mis-focus from our part. Whatever the reasons may be,
I believe many of us have forgotten that we do have a series of photos
like this. I call this Bokeh Art.

Here are just some of my collection of Bokeh Art. Photo credit will not
be mention as to protect the innocent photographer that help take this
work of art. ( OK, some are mine! now you know. )

DSCF3244 1DSCF9231 1DSCF0206 1DSCF8407 1DSCF9734 1DSCF3482 1DSCF1715 1DSCF9714 1DSCF1261 1DSCF9218 1DSCF7187 1





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