Cruising with GFX100S

When it comes to what gears to pack for a holiday. I am certain I am not the only one on the surface of this world that faces an uphill task. As light as possible will be the call of order. X-E4 and maybe a XF27mm F2.8. Yes, that was the gears for my 11 years old daughter.

After much thinking; my gear for a 5 days cruise is GFX100S, GF23mm for all the wide that I needed, GF45mm for some street action. This is always my default lens on the camera. And the last piece for the puzzle, the GF100-200mm F5.6. This give me some reach when needed. I guess I am good to go. Crazy as it may seem, I survived to write this blogpost. 

Below are photos taken on Spectrum of the Seas. 

Royal Caribbean : Spectrum of the Seas (GF23mm )
Staff at work. GF45mm
Main pool. GF23mm
Hello Panda. GF45mm
Deck by the indoor pool.
The ever changing view from the balcony. A treat for any photographer. (GF23mm)
Meet the team. Our last cruise was 3 months ago! I guess its a quarterly affair.
Main dining hall.
Breakfast buddies. (GF45mm)
Meet the sunrise group. Unfortunately it’s a cloudy morning. No epic sunrise.
No epic sunrise but there is still beauty in the silver lining.
Beautiful morning light. (GF45mm)
Ringo using his X-T3 to capture Liping using her X100V.
Art and craft session.
Check out my new camera.
Happy shoppers.
Beautiful afternoon.
Summer having a go at Sky Pad.
Steven really knows how to have fun! GF23mm.
More street photography. GF23mm
Dinner at Chops
Cheers to friendship. GF45mm.
Lobster anyone?
Another cloudy day. GF45mm
Magic Show
Pianist playing Hallelujah
Another lovely sight from the balcony. GF23mm.
Another beautiful morning at Solarium
Photographer at work. GF100-200mm
This 2 lovely ladies share the same birthday and a FujiFanBoy. GF23mm
Rain is coming.
Storm is brewing. GF23mm
Professional weight lifter. GF45mm.
Meet the dream team. Pickle ball time
Tutti Fruity. GF45mm
Bummer Car at Seaplex.
My fav people. Thank you Flo for taking this lovely shot.
Wefie time.
hahahahaha……. never a dull moment with this 2!
or should I say never a dull moment with this 3.
A lovely sunset shot.
Meet the Chongs
Evening shot from the balcony.
More bubbles please.
Cheers at Jamie Oliver.
One of the friendly pandas.
Sometime we gatecrash……
Mommy’s boys.
cheeky boys, all 3 of them.
Birthday gal.
Shot taken by Zavier. With GFX100S.
Happy 29th Birthday…….
Always fun hanging out with Ringo.
Time to say good bye.
A beautiful rainbow to welcome us back to Singapore.
My perfect gear.

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