Dramatic X-E3 Launch. SG Style.

Le Meridian Hotel on Sentosa island; the venue for X-E3
launch in Singapore. This lovely historically building is

nestled on a little hill facing the Sentosa Merlion lookout.

There are 2 session. A media session for the retailers,
publishers and media influencers. And the second session
at 7pm are for the consumers. The highlights of this launch
is compartmentalized into 3 exhibition area. The 3 X-photographers
involve are Ron Lee, Mindy Tan and Jose Jeuland. Each
has an exhibition area to showcase their amazing work with
the new X-E3. Cool part is in each exhibition area, there
is a X-E3 booth where guest could test out the cameras.
2 lenses were also launch. The XF80mm F2.8 Macro and
GF45mm F2.8 for GFX.  A live demo for GFX was set-up
at the terrance. GFX, the best mirrorless medium format
camera is paired with the Broncolor Lights and also an
amazing Eizo 4K monitor. What more could I ask for
this set-up?
I had a blast working with my 2 crazy models. Dwayne Lau,
a professional actor who recently acted in Forbidden City.
Ryan Ang who just recently star at a movie; The Wonder Boy.
Directed by Dick Lee and co-directed by Daniel Yam. Many
participants also had their hands on the GFX. And all they
could say is Wow after seeing their shots via tethering.
An awesome evening indeed where we all are great fun. Er…
when is the next launch Fujifilm Singapore? Really looking


Jere ensuring all ready to rock and roll.
Life is also more fun and colorful with these people.


Ron Lee at his exhibition area
Favian Loo. the ladies’s man.
Jose Jeuland’s sri lanka theme…..
Mindy with the media guest.


X-men. Ron Lee.
Always a joy to photographer fellow X-photographer. Jose and his wife.
GFX + GF110mm F2
GFX with the new GF45mm F2.8
My playground and booth. can you see Jere; my SG fujiguys.
Guest having fun at the GFX booth.
More guest having a go with the GFX. Fun Fun Fun!


DSCF0500 1

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