Family Matters with GFX

I don’t usually shoot family portraits. It’s like a special order. Challenging and scary but exciting at the same time. Again every family is different, unique and special. So the direction, needs and style varies. Intimate, fun, quirky… the list goes on. Below are some photos of families that I have the privilege to photograph. 
When Tommy approach me for a family portrait session; he mention it’s a total of 10 
people for his family shoot. Tommy; his wife, 4 children and 4 god-children. His children’s age ranges from 15 to 23 years old. I was apprehensive about this project. After giving some thought and I pitch my idea to him. As a photographer, I don’t want it to be another family photo. Instead of having everyone in the shot; I propose this family photo session to be shot individually. I am glad Tommy brought the idea. He is a cool dude. 
As much as family photos should be shot as a unit; I propose it should document 
a moment of their lives; individually. Instead of having a group photo hung on the 
wall, now he needs to have 10 individual photos framed and group it on the wall.
Each member of the family will need to have some props to help in the making of their shot. Each should tell a story in moment of their lives, now. This gathering of ideas took Tommy and myself about two to three weeks to firm up. This theme will mean nothing to me but it a moment in time to them. Like a milestone. Sharing their passion, dreams, reality, negativity, love, desire, selflessness through a frame in time. 
Below are the 10 individual photos. Shot with GFX50S + GF110mm. 
Tommy : A Life Insurance Boss by day and at home; a man that roll up his sleeves to help out with all the family household needs. He is the handy man and always giving ideas to help. Did you see the fake eye lashes on him?
Heidi. She loves shopping and fashion. One could also see from her gesture; how much she loves studying.
Joel. He would like to craft his career in the hospitality industry and be a hotel manager someday. As for now his dream is to be a K-Pop artist like Jung Kook from BTS.
Elaine. Mother, God-Ma and wife. First to wake up and last to sleep in the family. Juggle the family and work while trying very hard to upkeep herself with a tight budget, thrifty by nature. A super women indeed.
Kieren. Cheeky, cheerful and loves to study anything regarding gaming!
Joey. Just a simple dream of a 15 years old. To be rich and happy.
Bryan. Car enthusiast, love driving. Loves collecting sneakers.
Claudia. Loves fashion, travel and anything korean. From korean make-up to korean drama. Annyeonghaseyo.
Ruben : An avid softball player and also a foodie.
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Phoebe. An avid foodie and loves to watch cooking videos. Wanna be a chef without the stress.

Below are some behind the scene photos. I had fun photographing this family and with some time to spare before the end of the session; I also did quick corporate profile for Tommy and Elaine.

GFX50S + GF110mm + Gravity Backdrop
GFX50S + GF110mm + Gravity Backdrop
Sometime as a photographer I really need to show the kids who is Boss. I love this bunch; it’s been a blast photographing you all.
Tommy really know how to have fun. I like this client.
What a difference a fake eye lashes do.
Prettiest couple of the year.

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