Family Tradition. X100F.

Tis is the time of the year again. Our family tradition
of shopping for a Live Christmas tree for our home. 
Just after dinner together with my six years old daughter
we drove to Far East Flora at along Queenway. Which is
about a five minutes drive from home.
Shopping for the tree starts now…..
Decided to bring my X100F along. Just gotten it back 
from cousin who took it to Iceland and Europe for 5 week.
Kind of miss this little camera. And the best part; tomorrow
my sister-in-law will be borrowing it for three weeks for her
family holiday in South Afica. So this evening is all I have!
Its about time I start to “poisoning” my family member to get
their very own X-cameras.
My daughter walk straight to the Christmas Trees
sections. Rows of rows of trees lineup in the indoor
courtyard. Summer walks straight to the tallest tree
and said; this is it! I laugh and replied; someday but
now today. 
The prefect tree for out home!
A pose before the search starts.



This is the net that wraps the trees.
I am really a strong girl…..
Our choice have always been Noble Firs. Why? Other than its 
outstanding qualities of sturdy branches to hold all our Christmas
ornaments and the slivery sheen on its bluish-green needles; its
the scent it emits. Simply gorgeous! I love how its fills my home
with a lovely scent that adds to the festivity.
Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


Once we reach home; Summer and myself took another forty five
minutes to get it up. For those who have never place a live 
Christmas tree; don’t try it as it really additive. Once you tried
it; you will never wanna put up a plastic ones again. Nothing
beats having a real tree. 
We love the chicken on our tree.


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