GF50mm. Small Wonder*

If you own both GF45mm F2.8 and GF63mm F2.8 lenses like myself;  I trust you have been enjoying it. I have news for you, you may experience a headache soon. There is a middle child between this two sibling. And it’s name, GF50mm F3.5.
Perfect set-up. Everyday Medium Format. GFX50R + GF50mm.


If you own a GFX50s or the new GFX100; your headache may be less compare to those who owns a sexy GFX50R. You see; the GF50mm lens fits the GFX50R like a glove. It’s a marriage that is made in heaven. And they look gorgeous together. And did I mention that I think the auto focus is quicker than GF63mm. That is according to my non scientific test. If you ever need a medium format camera for street photography, this set-up is king.
I have the opportunity to test this little lens for a few days. I call it little as its really little compared with all the other GF lens line-up. At this point of writing I don’t have any information on this lens. So I will just let the photos do all the talking which is what matter most; right?
Many may know that my default daily camera is X100F. With the GFX50R mated with GF50mm, It feels like using a X-Pro2 with a XF23mm f1.4 lens but bigger in every aspect. It’s certainly not as agile as using a X100F but after using it for a few days; I gotten used to it. It’s not light but some full frame cameras set-up are even heavier. I did enjoy this set-up.
I could certainly live with this set-up as a everyday medium format camera but my last thought will be, what if there will be a GFX50 that comes with a fixed 45mm lens. To complete the process a hybrid view finder will be sweet. Just like a X100F. Anyone out there is with me? I am still dreaming on this….. Lastly may I invite you to follow my new IG @fujifanboys
Below are 3 samples photo taken by GF45mm, GF50mm and GF63mm. All shot at their minimum focusing distant.
GF45mm. Taken at minimum focusing distant. @F2.8
GF50mm. Taken at minimum focusing distant. @ F3.5
GF63mm. Taken at minimum focusing distant. @F2.8

Lastly if you have a few minutes to spare do also check out my video on GF50mm.


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