GF80mm F1.7 The bad boy of GF lenses.

Is GF80mm F1.7 just another portraits lens in the GFX lens line up?

GFX100S + GF80mm F1.7WR
GFX100S, 1/30. F1.7, ISO640 Jpeg
GFX100S, 1/20. F1.7, ISO400, Jpeg
Beautiful separation. GFX100S, 1/680. F1.7, ISO400, Jpeg

This is good question. I own the GF110mm F2. This lens is noting short of magical . I love using this lens on location for portraits and fashion shoot. With the GF80mm F1.7, it’s equally sharp. In a different way. 
This new lens creates a more cinematic feel. It’s sharp but not clinically sharpthat hurts one’s eye when looking at a print. GF80mm F1.7 is certainly great for portraits and has amazing subject separation. I think this lens may have similar optical philosophy like the XF50mm F1.0. 

GFX100S, 1/2500. F2.8, ISO50, Jpeg
Not bad for using this lens for some product shot. GFX100S, 1/60. F1.7, ISO400, Jpeg
GFX100S, 1/2900. F1.7, ISO400, Jpeg
GFX100S, 1/30. F1.7, ISO250 Jpeg
A selfie with this amazing combo. GFX100S, 1/20. F1.7, ISO100, Jpeg
GF110mm is GF80mm closest rival. Which is better? They are different.
GFX100S, 1/15. F1.7, ISO400, Jpeg
Shooting some “wildlife” GFX100S, 1/70. F1.7, ISO400, Jpeg
At 67% crop from the above shot.
GFX100S, 1/30. F1.7, ISO640 Jpeg

Below is a shot of @Btonelli The first shot is at 100% follow by 3 other crop shots. I would like to showcase  the 100MP GFX100S and it cropping ability. See how well this lens perform too. And because it has a wider field versus the GF110mm, the GF80mm also capture more of the surroundings. This is where the bokeh of this lens works it’s magic. The bokeh is creamy and soft. It’s this bokeh softness that make it cinematic. Half body shot is where this lens shine. How should I put it; this lens create a feeling in the shot. It has true character.  

At 100%. I love this lens. GFX100S, 1/30. F1.7, ISO640, Jpeg, Neg Nostalgic
Copping in gives a different feel.
Neg Nostalgic
Neg Nostalgic

On that note, I think those shooting video will certainly love what this new GF80mm F1.7 could achieve. It’s certainly a piece of essential gear for any professional. 

At this point I am thinking if I should get this lens. I own a GF110mm and GF63mm. And the GF80mm sits in-between these 2 lenses. Should I get it? or should I sell either one or not get it at all. Tough call? The more I shoot with it the more I love this bad ass lens! This lens is special. 

Should I buy, sell or keep all.

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