GFX Singapore Photowalk

With the growing number of GFX user in Singapore and of course globally. Keitaro So San of Fujifilm and I were chatting and was wondering why not start a local FB group?
Fujifilm GFX Singapore FB group started about 2 weeks ago. We are new and have about 26 members and growing.  And what better time to start a photowalk with fellow users. The thought of a medium format camera for a photowalk do sound silly. With the new GFX100S, it’s all possible. As its even lighter than some Full Frame cameras. Due to current Covid rule in Singapore, our maximum group size is 8. Which makes it perfect. 
I have also invited some X-users. Basically with 8 pax, we have a total of 528 megapixel of firing power! Four GFX100s, GFX50R, X-T4, X-Pro3 and myself a X100V. This morning photowalk venue is at the Tanglin Halt housing estate. Sharing some snaps of our 1st photowalk and I am sure its not the last.

A lovely morning.
Shooting some retro kiddo rides.
All set!
Mr Peter!
The trains used to chug along here.
GFX100S. It’s more than full frame.
Old housing.
Mr. Matte with his GFX100S
Mr Victor with his fav GFX, the GFX50R.
The group.
This Mr Alwin. He also lead a group of FujiFanoys and Fangirls.
Keeping our social distancing with another group.
Some photographer takes bigger risk to nail that shot.
outside an old defunct hair salon and barber shop.
Our volunteer supermodel.
A simple portraits. X100V.
Morning walk.
Portraits of Mr Eng
yellow yellow
GFX buddies.
Sri Muneeswarar Temple

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