GFX100. Mini Review.

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OK. it’s new and everybody knows about it. So how is it? I actually  collected this camera about 24 hours ago. This write-up is more of the feel I get from this camera in the last 24 hours. When I first held it on my hand; it bring back memories of my last DSLR; the canon 1DX. The 100 mega pixel GFX100 is not light for sure. The build of this camera is certainly Fujifilm’s finest. It’s build like a tank. A very modern looking tank for sure. The experience feel like I am shooting with a X-H1 but a bigger and better looking version of it. Same soft shutter, which is nice plus it has a chamber slot for 2 batteries. As this camera is a preproduction set; the firmware is not 100% ready. Many of the feature has “?” logo on it. 



GFX100 + GF23mm ISO100 F32 0.5s( hand held)
GFX100 + GF23mm ISO100 F8 1/40
GFX100 + GF23mm ISO100 F8 1/320
GFX100 + GF120mm ISO100 F26 1/160

When I hold the GFX100 with a GF23mm lens; it feels heavy. Strangely when I bring to my eye and start shooting with it; the weight kind of disappear. It feel a sense of balance. I believe the IBIS helps greatly in the whole shooting experience. I tried shooting as slow as 0.5 to 1 second in handheld, I do get very good hit rate. Big as it may be, the GFX100 makes you feel like you are using a very refine product. Strong and delicate at the same time. Of course this camera is never design for street but if you must; you could. Auto Focus feel much faster versus GFX50s and GFX50R. Which is another plus. 



As a commercial photographer I would say this will be an amazing camera for studio and location photography. No doubt about it. This camera is certainly targeted at professional and it’s created to do big stuff. Many fellow photographers ask if I will ever get the GFX100? I told them no. The primary reason is the size. After 24 hours with it I am beginning to change my mind about this. The usability and ergonomic is good. I am talking about a tool that I could use for my commercial work and not really a camera I would use for everyday. As a photographic tool its brilliant. And at this price point for 100 mega pixel; the Fujifilm GFX100 scored big time. OK just take my money. 

GFX100 + GF32-64mm ISO100 F22 25s
GFX100 + GF23mm ISO100 F8 1/250

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