Hand Picked.

Summer is 8 this year. Since she was a kiddo; she loves picking fallen flowers or leaves on the pavement. Each time I will ask her not to. And every time she will say this to me. “Papa, its so beautiful; could you keep it for me please?” And without fail I will place it in  my pocket or at the front pocket of my Billingham camera bag. There are tender moments  where she will mention that the flower is for me; which of course melts my heart. 

Summer at 4 years old. Picking some wild flower. X100T


When we are back home, I will ask her what do you want me to with it? And she will ask me to keep it for her and added that someday she will wanna use it as part of her art and craft. That is a valid request. So I kept all between the pages inside my Moleskine notebook. 

These flowers, leaves and twigs have grown into a small little collection. Filling up many pages in my Moleskine. I even frame one dried flower and hung on the living room wall. It was a really lovely little flower.

The little flower that I frame. (GFX50S + GF120mm)
Summer at 5.
Showing off her first Dandelion. X100F. 6 years old.

Today as I look at it and wonder what should I do with this little collection? So here you go; Portraits of dried flowers, leaves and twig. Some of these represent a time,season and precious moment I spent with my daughter at the parks. A good reminder that we should cherish every moment with our love ones.  All dried flower, leaves and twigs below are shot inside the pages of my Moleskine notebook with a GFX50S + GF120mm.

To all Papa, Papa to be and Granddad, have a super day ahead. Thanks for reading.


Through the years.

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