Happy 8th Birthday X100.

My earliest memories of X100 was at a shopping mall. I was walking pass an electronic store and on display was a gorgeous camera. I actually stop and spend a little moment admiring how good looking it was. It was a Fujifilm camera. Wow. I have never own the original X100. I have used a X100s and owned a X100T and now a X100F.
The X100 series is always special to me. I love the design of it. Kudos to the designer; whom I have the privilege to meet on two occasion. Thank you Masazumi Imai; you have design a timeless looking camera that is loved by photographers all over the world.
Mine X100F is my everyday camera. I love the size and of course the design; but X100 series is more than just that. I love the hybrid view finder; built-in ND filter and it house a leaf shutter. The X100 series is a mighty little camera that I could conquer the world with it.
Today mark it’s 8th birthday and to celebrate this happy occasion, here are 100 photo taken with either X100s, X100T or X100F.
DSCF0646aDSCF1078aDSCF0158aDSCF3766 1aDSCF5832aOINK0471aOINK7325 1aOINK3885aOINK1752aOINK0196aDSCF2447aDSCF2497aDSCF1238aDSCF1102aDSCF0852aDSCF0673 1aDSCF0712aDSCF1282aDSCF2918 1aDSCF1724 1aDSCF3123aDSCF8928 1aDSCF3746 1aDSCF8843aOINK0201aDSCF9608aOINK0585a
DSCF3726OINK3523aOINK2977aOINK3531aOINK3577aOINK2691aOINK2403aOINK2863aOINK2081 1aOINK1416aOINK2234aOINK4449aOINK4386aOINK4832aOINK4886aOINK4281aOINK3706aOINK3652aOINK7745aOINK5036aOINK3592aOINK0307aDSCF6130aDSCF3924aDSCF1864aDSCF1868aDSCF2344 1aDSCF2106aDSCF3975aDSCF9404aDSCF1370aDSCF1243 1aDSCF2522aDSCF2243aDSCF2596aDSCF2898aDSCF2832 1aDSCF8064aDSCF8388aDSCF9433aOINK0830 1aOINK4082aOINK3961 1aOINK3935 1aOINK3925aOINK3901aOINK5135aOINK4367aOINK0423aDSCF8544aDSCF7800 1aOINK0071aOINK1360aOINK3995 1aOINK4006 1aOINK4548aOINK3768aOINK4616aOINK0589aDSCF1079aDSCF1075aDSCF0866aDSCF1053aDSCF0862aDSCF0702aDSCF0745 1aDSCF0086aaDSCF0300aDSCF3110daDSCF0660aDSCF2555aDSCF7272aCovera


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