Holiday and mishap.

The last few days prior to my family holiday to Tokyo, I was still thinking which lenses to bring. So in the end, my decision was X-H2 + 4 lenses. Am I crazy? Or this is a reasonably amount of gears to bring for a holiday? About 2.5KG worth. My 4 lenses are XF23mm F1.4 LM WR, XF56mm F1.2 WR, XF70-300mm and a Vilrox 13mm F1.4 lens. Also brought along a 67mm Cinebloom filter from Moment. Which actually fits 3 of the 4 lenses.   

As my title mention mishap; I did encounter a couple. The first was, I have forgotten to zip up my backpack after my lunch and the Vilrox 13mm with the Moment CineBloom attached fell off and hit the ground. Maybe this is a sign that X-photographer should only use Fujinon lenses. LOL.

After the mishap, the lens AF doesn’t perform well, a little inconsistent. I think is also because of the crack line on the filter and make it difficult for its AF to work well. As the impact was pretty hard; the dent was bad and there is no way I could remove the filter. In all bad situation; as painful as it may be. We could always look to the bright side. Once in while I do take the lens out for a couple of shots and strangely some pictures do turn out rather interesting. As the days goes by, I begin to take advantage of this mishap. Below are some “mishap” photos to share. Let me know what you think?

Of course my filter is not for sale but you could buy one and “break” it. I could help you break the filter since I do have some experience in this field. Here is the link for moment Cinebloom filter.

Mount Fuji. Shot from the balcony of my room. Viltrox 13mm
Taken along the way up to Chureito Pagoda. Viltrox 13mm
Shibuya. The world busiest crossing. Viltrox 13mm
Shibuya. Viltrox 13mm
Chureito Pagoda. Viltrox 13mm
Kawaguchi . Viltrox 13mm
Kawaguchi. Viltrox 13mm
Evam Eva Yamanashi.
Kawaguchi Train Station. Viltrox 13mm

The next mishap; I don’t have time to snap a photo to show. I was happily eating a cup noddles in the hotel room and accidentally knock it off unto my laptop. Immediately I clean it off and shut it down. 24 hours later when I switch it on it works fine except after awhile the screen goes blank for a second or two. And this happens for a few time and I decided to switch it off. 2 days later, all is good and its running as per normal. Hopefully it stays this way. Lastly I am thankful that I have brought travel insurance from QBE Insurance Singapore. Get me that claim form!

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