Indispensable GF55mm F1.7 WR.

Sharing some photos taken with GF55 F1.7 WR. This project is for Colgate-Palmolive. It’s for the launch of its #FreeYourSmile campaign on World Smile Day. As much as it’s a “simple’ headshot; nothing is simple. An average of 2 hours per head shot.

Weapon of choice was the yet to be announced GFX100 ll and GF55mm F1.7 WR lens. All photos was shot in jpeg. Do we really need Raw files? We can’t as this campaign was shot before the embargo and thus we are unable to process the raw files on GFX100 ll until its officially launch. Again, jpeg works flawlessly, and I have always love Fujifilm jpeg files.

Perfectly match. GFX100 ll + GF55mm F1.7 WR.

With all projects; it’s always a team effort. The Creative Director, project coordinator, assistants, models; make-up artist, hair stylist and lastly; lighting. Thanks to Eujin Goh’s lighting wizardry, we didn’t we didn’t take too long to nail the right light.  Just a total of 4 Broncolor lights were deployed with a Para 133 as the main light shaper.

4 Broncolor lights set-up.
With the Wizard. Eujin Goh.

I love the GF55mm F1.7. A very versatile lens. This lens should be every new GFX user’s first lens in the system. And this lens is certainly next on my wish list. If this comes to pass; this will be my 8th GF lens and I am certain that it will ” free my smile”. LOL.

TV billboard at Singapore CBD area.

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