Last day by the pool.

Today is a special day for me. We are at Jervois Mansion. A 40 years old residential development in Singapore that will be redeveloped soon. The location of the shoot is at the swimming pool in this charming property. 

And my set-up is right in the pool. Backdrops, Broncolor lights, Godox new R200 ring light and my trusty Fujifilm GFX100S. So how do I set-up all this in the middle of the pool? Basically, the pool is empty; not a single drop of water. I am really excited as not everyday, one gets an empty pool as a shoot location. The reason is because the next day this property will start their demolition for redevelopment. I would like to thank Kimen Group for this golden opportunity to shoot at this empty pool.  

My playground for a couple of hours.

When Joe from Fujifilm Singapore and myself arrived at Jervois Mansion; the weather looks rather threatening with dark clouds advancing. We won’t very confident, as we could feeI a couple of tiny rain drops on my face. The X-H2s that Joe is using to video me and my GFX100S could easily overcome the drizzle or rain. It’s more like Broncolor, Godox and my Gravity backdrop. Can they survival the wet weather?

GFX100S + Godox AD200 Pro + R200 Ring Flash.

I decided not to set-up the Broncolor Para 133; instead just a single Broncolor Siros 800L with just its bear bulb. Not even with its standard reflector. If it do rain, its a lot quicker to move all the gears to the shelters. As for the my Godox set-up; the new R200 with AD200 pro. I wasn’t sure the power is enough for my shooting style. Having said that; at ISO 100 on GFX100S; with either the GF45mm or GF63mm. Shooting at F2.8 on almost full power with AD200 Pro, I could still still get enough juice, as I am shooting in HS sync. If its at the normal non HS sync; I am sure I could get more power from the AD200 Pro. 

GF45mm @F3.6 1/1600 Broncolor
GF45mm @F2.8 1/640 Godox R200 Ring Flash
GF45mm @F3.6 1/150 Broncolor
GF63mm @F2.8 1/1600 Broncolor Siros 800L
GF45mm @F2.8 1/640 Godox R200 Ring Flash

After 30 minutes the dark cloud left and there was no rain. The best part, the sun came back with beautiful evening glow. My first model is the sassy Phun Phattaamaporn. She is from Thailand. The land of smiles. My second  model is no strangers to all of us. My buddy, Bobby Tonelli. Remember to check out his new Youtube channel; it’s all about photography.

GF110mm @F2.0 1/2700 Available Light
GF45mm @F2.8 1/600 Godox R200 Ring Flash ( HS Sync Mode )

It was a fun late afternoon by the pool. Actually I meant in the pool shooting. Even with a single BroncolorSiros 800L strobe; this light works wonders in helping to light the scene. As for my first impressionwith Godox R200 ring flash with AD200 Pro; I am impress with this small lighting kits. A very essential set-upif anyone is looking for a small strobe to start with. I am sold and you can be certain I will be sharing more photo taken with this small wonder. Enjoy the rest of the photos. Cheers.

GF45mm @F2.8 /1600 Broncolor
GF45mm @F2.8 /1600 Available Light
GF45mm @F2.8 1/800 Broncolor
GF45mm @F2.8 1/640 Broncolor Siros 800L
GF45mm @F2.8 1/1600 Broncolor Siros 800L
GF63mm @F2.8 1/400 Godox R200 Ring Flash
GF45mm @F2.8 1/1600 Broncolor Siros 800L
GF63mm @F2.8 1/1600 Broncolor Siros 800L
GF45mm @F2.8 1/400 Godox R200 Ring Flash
GF63mm @F2.8 1/1600 Broncolor Siros 800L
GF63mm @F2.8 1/2000 Broncolor Siros 800L
GF45mm @F2.8 1/400 Available Light
GF45mm @F2.8 1/640 Godox R200 Ring Flash
empty pool
GF45mm @F3.2 1/250 Broncolor
Lovely evening glow…..
GF45mm @F2.8 1/640 Godox R200 Ring Flash
GF45mm @F2.8 1/900 Broncolor
GF45mm @F2.8 1/1250 Broncolor
GF45mm @F2.8 1/640 Godox R200 Ring Flash
GF45mm @F2.8 1/1250 Broncolor
GF45mm @F2.8 1/2000 Broncolor
GF45mm @F2.8 natural light
GF45mm @F2.8 1/1400 Available Light
GF45mm @F3.2 1/1600 Available Light
GF45mm @F2.8 available light
A shot of the residents at Jervois Mansion. Taken 2 week earlier.


    1. Hello. If you are using it in the studio there are more than enough power. Outdoor; you need to choose the right weather condition. Bright day; the power may not be there due to AD200 pro. If you need more power; I think they have more powerful version. I think its 400 watts and more.

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