Let there be light.

I was having my usual boring peanut butter bread; which I know I should
be grateful for and a glass of water. As I took my first bite into the bread,
the glorious morning light greeted me. When there is light, photographers
come out to play. I went across to my dining table to pick up my X-T1
which have the faithful XF 23mm mounted.

As the beautiful light pierce through the palm trees in front of my apartment
and spread all over the linen curtain; its transform into a Picasso of highlights
and shadows unto my marble island top.

I begin to snap the environment; which is basically a bar stool; Eames rocker,
my brekky and a cake stand which I have place a vintage Fuji and Nikon SLR
on it as a decor on my island top.

After 15 minutes; the light begin to fade because the sky is now invaded with
a army of overcast clouds. This is where my play stop! Below are some of the
pictures taken; as photographers don’t we all love great light. I hope this set of
simple pictures will inspire you to pick up your awesome Fuji X camera and
shoot again. Have a awesome day ahead.



Don’t we all love the details captured with X series?







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