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As 2017 comes to a close; its certainly a prefect time to give
thanks. 2017 have been a great year. First I have the privilege of 
testing and eventually buying a Fujifilm new mirrorless Medium 
Format, GFX50s. 
Its an amazing system and the ease of use; makes this a top 
choice for me. Both work and also leisure. That includes 
holiday oversea. It’s that portable! I could easily live with it
while traveling. If rumor is true about the GFX-R. A range 
finder style version of GFX. I certainly will be very excited 
as I am a sucker for X100F and X-Pro2, range finder style 
cameras. In fact it was X-Pro1 that gotten me started with 
this love affair with Fujifilm; and eventually dump Canon. 
Here are my fav 15 pictures shot with the GFX for 2017.
DSCF0585 1
GF23mm F4
DSCF0967a 1
GF32-64mm F4
GF45mm F2.8
GF23mm F4
GF110mm F2
GF45mm F2.8
GF45mm F2.8
GF45mm F2.8
GF23mm F4
GF32-64mm F4
DSCF1831 1
GF45mm F2.8
GF45mm F2.8
GF45mm F2.8
Next thing to give thanks; early this year I made a switch
from Profoto lighting system to Broncolor. I have been using
Profoto for more than 10 years. Its a great system that have
serve me very well. Why the switch?  
I guess its call; the coming of age. A natural progression. 
I must confess it did took me a bit longer than expected to 
fully get use to Broncolor. There was also a period I asked 
myself why did I even made that change? 
It wasn’t that easy for me to get a traction, especially with the 
Broncolor Para. Once one finds the sweet spot. I begin to see 
the “light” of Broncolor. The light its produces…….. almost 
second to none. Of course we all know the number one brand 
is call the SUN! As for Broncolor its pretty close to the number 
one brand. Ha! Anyway, here are another 15 of my fav pictures 
shot with GFX paired with Broncolor amazing lights. 
GFX + GF63mm + Siros 800L + Para 133
DSCF0039 2a
GFX + GF110mm + single Siros 800L
Studio Session-321
GFX + GF120mm + 4 Broncolor light set-up + Para 133
GFX + GF110mm + 3 Siros 800L + Para 88 + Para 133
GFX + GF32-64mm + 4 Broncolor light set-up + Para 133
GFX + GF110mm + Siros 800L + Para 133
DSCF1256 2
GFX + GF120mm + 2 Broncolor Siros 800L set-up
DSCF0562 2
GFX + GF110mm + 4 Broncolor light set-up
GFX + GF120mm + 2 Broncolor Siros 800L set-up
DSCF1641 1
GFX + GF110mm + Siros 800L + Para 133
X100F + Siros 400L
Studio Session-167
GFX + GF120mm + 4 Broncolor light set-up + Para 133
GFX + GF120mm + Siros 800L + Para 133
GFX + GF63mm + Siros 800L + Para 133
GFX + GF110mm + 4 Broncolor light set-up
And the last thing to give thanks its the new Broncolour 
wireless transmitter for Fujifilm. Yes for Fujifilm. I have 
already place my order and I guess I will get it next month. 
Finally the marriage of my favorite two brands. Knowing that 
I am able to use the GFX( and also X-T2 and Xpro2! ) in HS 
mode with the power and beauty of Broncolor light. Anytime 
and anywhere. With this news I am really thankful how 2017 
I do have one wish list that didn’t come to pass in 2017. 
Anyone wanna guess what that may be? And I hope 2018 will 
be the year. This will make my photographer’s life complete. At 
least for now. If only I could tether GFX with Capture One. I wish 
this will also come to pass soon. Finger Cross. Till then I wish 
everyone in this photography community an amazing and 
blessed 2018.  
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