Magnum for Breakfast

Every morning during school days, Summer, my 7 years old daughter will have her breakfast at about 645am. School starts at 730am here in Singapore. During this quick ten to fifteen minutes  breakfast she will be force to revise some spelling test work, read a book or voluntary pick up an iPadto watch her favorite cartoon on YouTube.
Today is a little different. I present to her a big book with the title MAGNUM. The first thing she said was Oooooo Ice Cream?I burst out laughing. She is technically correct. Who doesn’t like Magnum ice cream.
Summer looking at the contact sheets.
Trying to understand the lope.
As I open the pages I explain to her the works of these famous photographers. The first on this Magnum book was Henri Cartier-Bresson. I told if I remember correctly one of his quote was along this line; Your first 10,000 photos are practice. After which the good photo will come. Summer reply; that is too much, I think 30 shots is practice. After that comes the nice shots! Sometime I wish this is true.
Nikon FM. My first camera. A hand me down from my dad.
Summer trying out split prism focusing for the first time.
I also brought out 2 film SLR cameras and roll of film to show her how they work together. As I explain to her these few fundamentals, so much fond memories flood my mind. Those were the good old days where life is less complicated.
Bye Bye. Have a superday in school.
That’s all I have to share on my daughter’s photography journey. Once again thank you Ansell Tan for the loan to this amazing book. All photos taken with the new GFX50R.
Finally gotten my X-T3. Waited 3 weeks for my order.
If you have a few minutes, here is an earlier link to an award my daughter and I share at this year’s International Photography Award.
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