My fav 15 pics of 2015 with X-series.

As 2016 crawl ever so close; I decided to find my favorite 15 pictures
of 2015. Be its stage or spontaneous here are the 15; all shot with the
Fujifilm X-series.

On Sunday September 27th 2015, more than 37,260 smartly-dressed
gentlefolk in 410 cities from 79 countries will straddle the saddles of
their café racers, bobbers, scramblers and other marvelous custom
motorcycles to raise awareness and help fund the cure for prostate
cancer. This shot was done in Singapore. As everyone was asked to
look up to the official photographer; I was on ground level capturing this
shot. Shot with X-T1 + XF16mm



This picture is shot just before the arrival of a storm in the evening.
A hungry soul was buying some last minute meal from a mobile kitchen
before the storm comes. Shot with X-T1 and the wide angle XF16mm
WR lens.



I had the opportunity to work with an awesome cheerleading team; the
Wildcards. My concept was to capture the flyer at famous landmark
in Singapore. I love this shot because I could still see the few pairs of
hand at the bottom of the picture. Shot with X-T1 and ultra wide XF



This is a new sculpture of a group 3 meter tall giant at a local
bus interchange. As its place near a intersection of a mall too;
there is a a lot of traffic. Instead of shooting at the sculpture I
decided to focus on just the feet. Mixing real feet with the
sculpture; creating a sense of busyness. Shot with X100T.



Was going lunch with my fellow photographer friend; Joel Lim;
and I saw a leg resting on the latch. Quickly I ask him to sit on one
side and take a silent shot with the X100T. Though its a funny shot;
what do you think?



This was the first time that I was commissioned by someone to do a series
of Instagram pictures. As a fitness person; that is the theme she work on.
Shot with X100T + WCL. One Profoto B1 light source was used. As X100T
has a leaf shutter; I am able to fire at 1/1000 for the flash sync. In fact the
maximum flash sync for X100T is 1/4000.



A commission work for a Italian restaurant, Zafferano. On top of the
food that I need to capture; I also need to shoot some shots of the
amazing people working in the restaurant. This is a shot of the manager.
Instead of just sitting on the high table; I decided to add a prop to give
the picture some “pop”. Shot with X-T1 and the silky smooth XF56mm
APD lens.



This picture was created for my blog. My daughter, Summer; was
my model. She was holding her own camera. And the rest on the table
will be hers….someday! Shot with X100T



At a good friend’s baby’s one month old celebration. All the balloons are
props and part of the parting gifts for kids. Love this shot as “Mary” is
having her lunch break with all her little lamb in the front. Shot with X100T



Sometime the most beautiful thing is right below us. See how the grass
grow with flow with the wind. X-T1 + XF16mm



Shot this snap shot in Taiwan. My family and friend were having a picnic
at the hotel lawn. Love how Summer’s toy squid were in the air. Shot with
X-T1 + XF 16mm



Lone Bikini babe. I love the lines on the right of the picture. Its created
from the string that is holding my beach umbrella. Shot with X-T1 +
XF 56mm APD.



Belinda Lee is not a stranger to us in Asia. A former MTV Asia VJ,
Actress and a travel host. I had the opportunity to photograph her
as she is now also the Singapore Fujifilm’s brand ambassador. This
picture is shot with X100T mounted with a Profoto ring flash. I love
the rawness of this picture. Who says X100T is only for street



Meet fluffy rabbit. Was on the bed when I shot my daughter’s rabbit.
Actually I was more focus on the other things in the room. Shot with X-T1
+ XF16mm WR.



Went to visit my folks and saw this at the open air carpark. I love
the expression of Summer. X100T


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