Next phase…

Everyone has a journey. Here is my daughter’s photographic journey. Summer is 10 years old this year. And this Christmas I have the privilege to upgrade her camera to a new Fujifilm X-E4 with a XF27mm F2.8 WR. 

its another camera….
Oh, its not a GFX 50S ll….. LOL
Merry Christmas Summer.

Below is her camera timeline. These are camera that she has officially own. Of course she also has the privilege to play with almost all of the pre-production cameras that I have tested; which I am always excited and she is not. 

Summer with her 1st camera.
Summer with a X10
Summer trying to snap a hunk.
Japan Camera Hunter.
Summer with her model.
The heist
These are the sexiest Broncolor Siros ever!
Summer with her X70 in the Hospital
Barbie has a X100 too.

I also have the privilege to produce a small photobook and a mini photo exhibition with Summer.

Photography is just an occasional hobby for her. She will just pick the camera and shoot. I have not taught her anything about photography. Rather just showing her how light works. Highlights and shadows.  She does enjoy some multiple exposure recently. Strangely at times, I do enjoy seeing her raw photos. It’s pretty liberating. Uncontrolled. I always felt my own work being too polish and controlled. I guess this is the drawback of being a commercial photographer. Below are some of her photos…..

Multiple Exposure

As she journey on to the her next phase, I hope to share more photos in the coming months.. Do check out her IG too. Do follow her. Thank you.

Summer with her X-E4 and XF27mm WR

Happy new year. 


  1. Great story! What was her first camera ? The white one 🙂 my boy is just 3 weeks old, but he will surely get a camera once he understands what it does :))

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