Its the annual photo shoot for UFM 100.3 celebrity DJs. UFM, a very popular mandarin radio station
base in Singapore. The night before, fashion stylist extraordinaire, Keith Png with his assistant was
already at the studio sorting out all the wardrobe for the DJs. From chic dresses to well fitted suits,
lovely accessories to killer heels. You name it; Keith somehow have it. Indeed the devil is in the details.

As I look at Keith working and sorting out all the wardrobes, a thought just swish through. Wouldn’t it
be nice this Mr. Photographer also get style and suited up before the shoot. A little pampering on any
photographer will definitely helps in the final picture. Am I right? Or am I the only guilty photographer?

BTS3 BTS 1978535_10152596031434605_7113447369883789064_o 1 1926280_822875717737326_6570172978870790401_o

Early the next morning; before the 1st DJs and the staff from the radio station arrived; the make-up
and hair stylist are already at the studio getting all their tools and craft ready. As for art direction,
my client wanted something fresh and bright for the DJs. So it’s a simple 3 lights set-up for today’s
shoot. With a sliver beauty dish as my main light. The 2 lenses that I used for this shoot is the 35mm
F1.4 and 56mm F1.2. Mate with Fuji XT-1, I ready to rock and roll with my Celebrity DJs.

BTS2 10616017_828076907217207_8620468524260185786_n

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