Silver X-Pro1

When one have too much time in his hands; this is what happened!
A silver X-Pro1.

Many have asked how I do it. After consulting with Jere who has done
it with his X-E1. Its actually pretty easy when you have time to spare
over the weekend. I would say 2-3 hours.


All you need is sand paper. I brought 2 types. 600 and 1200. For 600
sand paper it used to removed the black paint. 1200 is for refine
polishing. A bulk of the time will be spend on removing the black paint
around the dial.

The next stage is optional. If you wanna seal the look; a thin layer
of clear epoxy will do the job. Like myself; which I decided not to;
after a week or so; the X-pro1 will lose its shine and have a “aged”



For those who wanna give it a try, do remember to share when its
done. Good Luck!


  1. The X-Pro1 not being weather sealed, you can only hope the dust from the sanding didn’t enter into the camera … Looks quite cool, though.

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