Snap away with XF10

When it comes to a truly pocketable camera from X-series; the first name that comes to mind is the cult status Fujifilm X70. I still own one and I have pass it to my daughter as her everyday camera. I love the flip screen; perfect camera for selfie addicts. Of course the main draw is the APS-C size sensor in compact camera. There hasn’t been a successor since. Of course, there is sort of a “successor”. XF10. I had a brief encounter with it when it was launch in 2018. 

The XF10 house a 24MP APS-C-size CMOS sensor and 28mm equiv. F2.8 lens. It has a 91-point autofocus system The body has twin control dials, and a fixed 3″ touchscreen LCD which I am not a fan of. I would love it if only it was a flip screen like the X70. I guess the reality is; there have never been a perfect camera. And thus a reason to blame ones our tools rather than ones inability to get a good snap. Haha. 

So yesterday I decided to take it for spin for a day and see how it goes. I am not gonna let the fixed screen be a stumbling block in this process. Just don’t think too much and enjoy this freedom from having too much gears. It’s rather liberating. I tried the Snap Focus mode. Basically there are 2 option. A 2 meters and 5 meters.And I assign this feature on the function button for easy accessibility. Snap Mode at 2 M is set at F8. We are looking at about 1.5 meters to around 10 meters. As for 5 M Snapshotmode, its aperture is set to F5.6. Auto focus ability is not its great. Especially for street photography, that needed to be quick.  So, I would recommend using Snap Mode. For just everyday stuff; it’s AF is more than able to do the job. 

My quick impression, the XF10 is it a pretty fun camera camera to have. The small form factor and price is its greatest asset, unfortunately it has stop production. For me, the X100V is still the camera close to my heart. 

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