Super X-S10

When I first had the new Fujifilm X-S10, my first impression is this new camera lacks something. It lacks the usual X-series mojo. I missed those sexy dial. I guess the designs element is not the usual Fujifilm X-series style which I so fondly love. Later, to my understand that this new design direction is targeted at user outside the Fujifilm community. 
Moving forward 2 weeks later; I am loving this little non WR camera. Still not from the standpoint of the design this camera but the usability, capability, features and of course the attractive price point. The same design element that didn’t gel with me is the grip. It’s too big for my liking. But this same dislike has made me unwillingly gave a 5 star rating for its handling. 

X-S10. Its actually quite handsome.
Classic Neg
Full suite of Fujifilm Simulation.

The X-S10 house a 5 axis image stabilization and filled with all the latest film simulation. Including Classic Neg and the uber cool Eterna Bleach Bypass. Which is perfect for some straight out of camera cinematic treatment.  This camera can capture 4K video for up to 30 minutes straight. It’s also able to film at 240 fps but only in Full HD format. X-S10 also supports F-Log, 8-bit 4:2:0 internal recording and the external its at 10-bit 4:2:2. Below are shots taken in Eterna Bleach Bypass film simulation.

Eterna Bleach Bypass
Eterna Bleach Bypass
Eterna Bleach Bypass
Eterna Bleach Bypass
Eterna Bleach Bypass
Eterna Bleach Bypass
Paired with a manual lens.

Fujifilm explain that the X-T4 is not a replacement for X-T3. In a nut shell X-T4 is more skews towards video and X-T3 for photography. And for a mid range category we have same two options. X-T30 for photography and X-S10 more toward video. I guess if you are more into photography, X-T30 will be a better bet. For video X-S10 will be the other obvious choice. Not that one can’t use it for street, just that the fully articulate screen is not the choice for street photography. This is where the X-T30 shine. 

X-S10, younger sibling of X-T4 and a distant cousin of X-H1.

So, who should get X-S10? This camera is so able and at this price point, my answer is, ANYONE. If you are a newbie, this camera will take you to pretty advance level in your photography journey. I had a Fujifanboy who sold his X-H1 and update with a X-S10. And he uses it as a second camera body to his X-T3. If you are into vlogging, X-S10 is perfect. Just remember the X-S10 is a highly specs mid range camera that is almost touching the higher range category camera. Therefore I feel this camera commands great value. 

Perfect for vlogging.

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