Very HOT Shoes.

Once in blue moon, Christmas do come early. Yesterday I received a small package from one of my biggest Fuji Fan boys. Ivan Chen. He is from Taiwan. Why is he my biggest fanboys? Not just because we have the same name. Maybe that helps. I gotten acquainted with him more when he flew from Taiwan to attend my photography workshop in Singapore. Not once but twice. 

Now back to the package I received from him. It’s a hand
polish piece of silver Hot Shoe with a black Fuji X logo. Its a
one off prototype. Thank you Ivan, this is special. I was
thinking hard which camera should I put this hot shoe on? 
I decided it has to be the original X-Pro1. I have sandpaper
the original paint off and its in silver. Unfortunately
through the years it has oxides. So I took some sand paper
and spend another 30 minutes for a quick buffing. Wow.
It’s back into glorious state. Paired with the new hot shoe,
this look is second to none. 


Oxides. After a few buff with sand paper the beauty is coming back.


What a beauty. Paired with XF27mm with a @squarehood hood. If you like it the promo code is FUJIFANBOYS27mm for a 10% discount.
There is a all silver version hot shoe too. I was told the first
badge of 180 pieces failed the QC. And the second batch of
100 only 11 passed the QC test. So now you know these are
top grade hot shoe. They will not produce the silver version
in the near term. 
Can you believe all these beauties failed the QC test. I could feel the pain.
Ivan Chen is in the process of getting ready to ship out
some of these HotShoe to potential FujiFanBoys and
Fangals globally. So while he is getting ready the logistic, do
kindly follow this FujiFanboy’s IG
a message in IG for your order. Be nice to him and you may
received  prototype hot shoe. Stay Safe and be well.  
One off hand polish prototype. What a beauty right? Be nice to Ivan Chen OK?

Lastly do follow our IG


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