X-H2S. The king of APS-C.

Say Hello to X-H2S
X-H2S with battery grip

So what is the hype about the new Fujifilm X-H2S. This camera represent the new milestoneand pinnacle for Fujifilm X-series camera. Fujifilm X-series have indeed come a long way. 10 amazing years to be exact.

Let’s start with what I don’t like about it. I won’t say its 100% dislike. More like a matter of taste. I don’t really fancy the design principle of the new X-H2S. But after some time. Like anything in life; we get used to it. One of the main reason for taking roots in Fujfilm X-series are the design of their cameras. Through the years I love what Fujifilm have been doing in the design department. I love their X-Pro series , X100 series, X-E series and X-T series. These are what X-series is all about to me. I love the dials. I love the hybrid view finder. They all have a soul and they are all special in their own way. 

Now, there are another design principle where cameras like Fujifilm GFX50S, X-H1, GFX100, GFX100S, GFX50 ll and X-S10. I find these design a little more “main stream” and modern at the same time. They are never love at first sight for me. To me these camera are design as work horse. I believe Fujifilm are trying to cast their net to a wider audience and also professional alike. Especially hybrid photographers in recent times. I have been using GFX50S since the beginning and now GFX100S. These are work cameras and I enjoy using them. The GFX system is certainly the best medium format system that I have ever used. (I started from Mamiyas, to Hasselbald and Phase One.) Don’t get me wrong, the current GFX100S and GFX50S ll are beautiful. Their design are very modern. From the design department; they are just not as soulful as X-Pro series , X100 series, X-E series and X-T series.  

Now that is over. So what do I like about X-H2S. Many! Many good things to talk about. I think many of us are frustrated with the hit rate in the AF department of X-series cameras. This is especially true in the early years of the X system. Through the generation they have improved. As for X-H2S, the Auto Focus of this camera is of another level. This little APS-C camera could stand side by side with other great in the hall of fame. Full Frame cameras like Canon EOS R3, Nikon Z9 and Sony A9. In the APS-C world, X-H2S is King. Even at USD$2499 for the camera body, I would consider it as good value and not over priced at all. Why? One cannot compare with the perspective of current offering of X cameras from Fujifilm. The X-H2S needs to be compared with the stack sensor greats from the hall of fame. EG Sony A9 ll ( USD$4500 ), Nikon Z9 (USD$5500) and Canon R3 (USD$5999). From this perspective; like what I mention earlier; it’s fair value for a APS-C camera. If I may; I think the X-H2S is a bargain. With 7 stops IBIS and a 720 frames battery life! 1/8000 15 FPS silent mechanical shutter. With a whopping 500K cycle durability.


Did I also mention that X-H2S has a 40 fps? And 15 fps mechanical shutter. With no black out during shooting. 5.76 million dots EVF. Paired with the new XF150-600mm F5.6-8 lens anyone could dream of joining the National Geographic Team. The auto focus is faster and more precise. Even when one is panning and part of the model’s face is block; X-H2S still tracks beautifully.  I am not wildlife photographer but I did had a go at shooting wildlife in modern Singapore. The best place; the Singapore Zoo. Of course I did shoot other wildlife in other part of Singapore. Below are some photos to share. Subject detection is standard in X-H2S. This aid the photographer in different settings. Basically there are 6 options. Animal, Bird, Automobile, Bike, Airplane and Train. I am certain many of my birding and plane photographers friends is gonna be very happy. I would also be happy to tests it out during Formula One in Singapore.

Shot this at a park. @600mm ISO 640 F8 1/200
Subject detection
Another shot at the park. @600mm, ISO 800, F8, 1/250
Singapore Zoo @327mm ISO 1600 F7.1 1/480
Singapore Zoo @150mm ISO 160 F5.6 1/220
Bishan Park @600mm ISO 160 F8 1/640
@600mm ISO 250 F8 1/1100
Singapore Zoo @168mm ISO 160 F5.6 1/550
@435mm ISO 640 F7.1 1/500
Bird Park, @600mm ISO 640 F8 1/500
XF150-600mm F5.6-8 WR
Singapore Zoo @600mm ISO 250 F8 1/500
@600mm ISO 800 F8 1/2700
@600mm ISO 160, F8 1/1300
@600mm ISO 2500 F8 1/500
@600mm ISO 400 F8 1/1250
@600mm ISO 3200, F8 1/350
@600mm ISO 800, F8 1/160
Size comparison. XF150-600mm and XF50-140mm
@502mm ISO 1600, F8 1/35 ( IBIS working well here)
@294mm ISO 250, F6.4 1/250
@600mm ISO 3200, F8 1/3200
@600mm ISO 400,, F8 1/5600
@600mm ISO 160, F8 1/2400

I am sure the improvements of this camera definitely come from the new 26 MP Stack Sensor. In the video department; X-H2S offers 6K in 30P with Apple ProRes and 4K in 120P. Flog2 ( 14 stops dynamic range ) 4:2:2 10 bit internal. ProRes internal with CF express Type B card. To cope with heat during videoing, there is an optional accessories cooling fan. This well design cooling fan fits nicely via 2 screw and a power connector at the back. Of course the LCD needs to flipout to the side. 

X-H2S offers 6K in 30P with Apple ProRes and 4K in 120P
Optional accessories , cooling fan.
Cooling fan.
@600mm ISO 160,, F8 1/240

Next, the vertical battery grip. There are 2 version. Both looking identical in size, except one has a transmitter feature. I find the battery grip very useful when you are using it with the new XF150-600mm lens. It creates a better balance between camera and lens. 

Next; we have another lens. XF18-120mm F4 LM PZ WR.  Yes; PZ mean power zoom. This lens has no aperture ring. I have use it under photography condition and I think it works well. The IQ is sharp. I love the versatility of the focal length of this lens. Of course it greatest advantage is for video. The ring on the lens work beautifully when one turn the power zoom. The amount of turn on the ring gives one the control over the speed of the zoom. From quick to a slow zoom in.  

X-H2S + XF18-120mm F4
XF18-120mm ( @81mm ISO 160 F4 1/240)
XF18-120mm ( @18mm ISO 160 F8 1/1700)
XF18-120mm ( @120mm ISO 160 F4 1/420)
XF18-120mm ( @18mm ISO 160 F4 1/150)
XF18-120mm ( @114mm ISO 160 F5.6 1/3200)

Below are 18 shots taken with XF18-120mm. The X-H2S locks on well on this simple test. 18 out of 18 shots.

XF18-120mm ( @18mm ISO 160 F4 1/50)
XF18-120mm ( @120mm ISO 160 F9 1/550)
XF18-120mm ( @120mm ISO 250 F4 1/180)
XF18-120mm ( @20mm ISO 80, F16 1/15)
XF18-120mm F4.

I am certain there is gonna be heaps of article, technical spec and video on X-H2S plus the 2 new lenses. I would highly recommend everyone to visit your local store and take it for a test run. Its when you test it and you will understand why I say X-H2S sits with the rest of the great cameras in the Hall of Fame. I am proud to say, X-H2S is the King of APS-C. 

X-H2S with XF50mm F1.0
X-H2S with XF27mm F2.8 WR.

Lastly I would like to invite everyone to FujiFanBoys 4th Annual Best of Show. This international photo competition, is the biggest for Fujifilm. And the best part, X-H2S is just one of the many great prizes. For more details just check out the below link and also follow us at our IG 

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