XF33mm F1.0

I owned both XF35mm F2 and XF35mm F1.4. And I really do hope, dream and 
pray ( on bended knees ) to see the light of F1.0 version comes to past. 

F1.0. This is a dream number and maybe many more fellow photographers

also share this same heart beat as me. Within my close local group; I already know of a few photographers who is willing to throw the money in an instant when this lens becomes a reality. We also know we might risk sleeping on the sofa for a week or two when our beloved wives find out about our investment. 

Will XF33mm F1.0 ever becomes a reality? Rumors after more rumors;
I doubt I will ever live to see this lens in the flesh. As a Fuji fanboy; I personally 
think its a dream to have a legacy F1.0 lens from the Fujifilnon lineup. This is 
even more critical when Fujifilm will never dabble in full frame.  Maybe 
I will get a surprise announcement of this lens in the coming Photokina? What 
if this F1.0 is a manual focus lens? Guess without Auto Focus; it will certainly be 
lighter, smaller and cost will be lower too. Will I still buy it? Why not? It still
sound desirable. 
DSCF1407 3
I have even heard of photographer that had been waiting for the F1.0  but 
couldn’t wait and went back to Fuill Frame. At F1.0 we will only be looking at 
F1.4 kinda bokeh in full frame standard. So I don’t think its that difficult to focus 
manually. Many who couldn’t wait for this lens to ever come into fruition would 
have probably added the Mitakon 35mm F0.95 into its lineup. Especially with 
a price tag of less than USD$600. I think it looks pretty nice when paired 
with X-Pro2. 
So how many of you out there thinks Fujifilfm should have a legacy lens like 
XF33mm F1.0? I am pretty certain if this lens were ever to be sold it will 
certainly sell more than XF56mm APD. I believe its time Fujifilm builds a 
legacy lens. Fujifilm is a great lens manufacturer and certainly deserve 
producing it. 
Hopefully this blogpost shout loud enough to let our beloved Fujifilm knows
our burning desire or it’s just me? Help me guys! 
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  1. i agreed with u bro…with great lenses lineup for apsc sensor will give strong enough photogrpher to jump in and stay with fujifilm…that was a reason why photographer give up to stay and look again into ff system with great lenses lineu

  2. Hello –
    As you know, Patrick at FujiRumors has been pushing for this lens for a long time.
    I don’t want to be a naysayer, but I would rather they updated the 35 f/1.4 to current quick focus standards, and maybe even weather resistance? Just seems more practical to me.

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