XF90mm the Sharpest XF Lens?

Just gotten a new black bag. What better way than to
load it with some gears to see how well this bag is.
Since its black; I loaded a X-Pro2, XF16mm F1.4, XF35mm
F1.4 and XF90mm F2. Stealth mode ON! ( yes, I was dress
in all black too, except for my white Converse.)
My set-up for the day.
Like my new bag?
Its a Saturday and together with my wife and daughter we
headed for Gardens By The Bay for a lovely afternoon.
With these 3 lenses I thought I would have gotten everything
covered. A wide, standard and a mid tele lens. Among this 3
lenses, the XF90mm F2 is my least use lens. Its second to
none when it comes to sharpness. And I wonder why its my
least used lens. I guess it could be the size. I would usually
take my XF56mm APD over it.
Because of this; I decided to just mount the XF90mm and shoot
the whole two hours with it. I just tell myself that I have forgotten
to bring all my lenses and the XF90mm is my only lens.
Did I survived with the XF90mm as my “everyday” lens for the
last 2 hours? As one is “force” to work with what you have; I
am rather please that I mounted the XF90mm. Here are some
shots to share and I must say the XF90mm is a really a mighty
lens! What do you think, is XF90mm the sharpest XF lens?
Isn’t XF90mm razor sharp?
A hot day in Singapore.


Stop a kind tourist to be my model.



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  1. Yes sir…The XF90 f/2 is my sharpest lens as well! (And that includes the dozens of lenses I’ve used in the last 35 years!) Not to mention a super fast AF lens!

  2. Regarding size – is it really bigger than the 56mm? The 56 might be an option for me. Or the 50mm f2… so many good things to choose from…

  3. Stephan,
    The awesome XF90 f/2 is 4.5″ long, without the lens hood (the hood adds another 2.5″). and IMHO, is not too large, and balances nicely with either an XT-1/2 or X-Pro 2. Besides, the extreme benefits of stellar sharpness, speedy AF, and overal superb image rendering, make it worth it, IMHO. Good luck!

  4. This is by far my most favored lens of all time…incredible sharpness, incredible bokeh…a little noisy which was at first somewhat disconcerting…awesome photos by the way. If I could only have ONE lens, this would be it.

  5. Yes, Ivan, I agree…though this XF90 is my absolute sharpest lens, really all of the Fujinon XF lenses are sharp (at least all those I’ve used, including the 23 f/2, 35 f/2, 60 Macro, and even the 16-55 and 55-200 zooms!). And since the 90 is so incredibly sharp, I find that I use it more than the 60 for product shots! Though for web display, one may be hard pressed to discern a difference. It’s really only at 100% magnification in post, as well as in large poster prints, where one can truly see the difference! But frankly, in my 35+ years of photography, I’ve never used such a consistently high-quality lens system as the Fujinon XF-System! And special note goes to the XF16-55 f/2.8 Zoom…It’s truly my “bread-and-butter” lens, because it’s incredibly sharp, fast AF, and weather resistant as well! In fact, I’ve used it for some product images, and I cannot tell a difference in overall image quality to the same focal length equivalent prime! And IMHO, it’s noticeably sharper than the good “kit” 18-55! Thank you.

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