18-50mm F2.8 by Sigma for X-Mount

Occasionally a special lens comes along. Today is that day. When SIGMA Singapore contacted me and ask if I will be interested to take the 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN zoom lens for a test drive. I said sure! I did a quick research on the web to find out more on this lens. This is not a really new lens, it was launch last year for both E and L mount. When I arrived at SIGMA Singapore office; I was really surprise by the size of this F2.8 zoom lens. This is certainly the smallest F2.8 zoom lens I have ever seen. Did I mention this lens has auto focus too! This translate to full-frame equivalent zoom range of 27-75mm, I am really impress! How did Sigma do it? Before we proceed, lets that a look at these photos that I shot in the last few days. 

@50mm F2.8 1/250
@18mm F2.8 1/45
@50mm F6.4 1/1100
@50mm F2.8 1/250
@50mm F2.8 1/300
@50mm F2.8 1/500
@18mm F2.8 1/220
@27mm F2.8 1/600
@50mm F4.5 1/750
@50mm F7.1 1/100
@19.7mm F2.8 1/2000
@50mm F2.8 1/1700

What do you think? A very versatile lens right? Actually for me, its rather liberating! I could do heaps with this lens. Its like 4 primes squeeze into this small package. We have a 27mm F2.8, 35mm F2.8, 50 F2.8mm and 75mm F2.8. Maybe also little macro too. With a MFD of 12 CM; this lens is indeed impressive. Auto Focus is quick; nail the focus when needed. It’s also very silent.  Size, nothing more to say; its incredibly small. Because of it size; it’s also very light. Weighting at just 290 grams!  

Here are the weak links for this lens, the sun stars are not define. Even at F22. There is no IS, which is not is bad thing as the newer X-series camera all have IBIS. Next, there is no aperture ring. after a while I have gotten used to it. Lastly this lens is not weather resistant.  

@34mm F22 1/220
XF16-55mm @655g vs Sigma 18-50mm @290g
Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 / XF16-55 F2.8 WR
@50mm F2.8 1/250

In conclusion, the Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 may have it flaws but the benefit out weights that. First the size, focal range and F2.8 is the order of the day. Like what I mention earlier; using the lens is rather liberating. I have been paring it with my X-Pro3, its like a marriage made in Heaven. A perfect set-up for everyday photography.  

@18mm F6.4 1/1800
@18mm F2.8 1/80
@18mm F2.8 1/500
@50mm F2.8 1/160
@18mm F7.1 1/3000
@50mm F2.8 1/2500

@18mm F2.8 1/750
@18mm F2.8 1/950
@47.5mm F2.8 1/2700
@18mm F4 1/420
@18mm F4 1/2000
@50mm F2.8 1/1700
@50mm F2.8 1/420
@18mm F2.8 1/1000
@50mm F2.8 1/6400
@18mm F2.8 1/210
@18mm F2.8 1/450
@18mm F2.8 1/1900
The everyday essential zoom lens
@18mm F5.6 1/2400
@50mm F2.8 1/1800
@18mm F5 1/340
@18mm F5.6 1/250
@34mm F2.8 1/5800
@50mm F2.8 1/480
@50mm F2.8 1/7500
@50mm F2.8 1/950
@18mm F5.6 1/480
@50mm F2.8 1/4400
@40.3mm F2.8 1/2700
@18mm F2.8 1/2400
@50mm F5.6 1/1300
@44.6mm F2.8 1/4700
@50mm F2.8 1/100
@18mm F2.8 1/85
@50mm F2.8 1/180
@50mm F2.8 1/100
@50mm F2.8 1/100
@37.8mm F2.8 1/340
@50mm F2.8 1/100
@50mm F4 1/5000
@50mm F2.8 1/5800
@50mm F2.8 1/100

Is this a bad lens? My answer is no. Optically, this lens is good. Not perfect. And I believed that wasn’t the objective of Sigma when they created this lens. So who is this lens for? Beginners to intermediate. Even professional like myself who is looking for a “tiny” F2.8 standard zoom lens. This lens is definitely an essential piece of gear for everyday. I would even say that this will be the ultimate everyday zoom lens. One could use it for street. Actually everything and anything. At this size and price, This Sigma 15-50mm F2.8 lens is hard to beat.


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