X-T5. Less than Full Frame.

Is full frame consider the gold standard for photography?   My last digital camera was a Canon 1DX before changing camp to a Fujifilm X-T1.  In that comparison; I do missed it. 1DX is a more advance camera. And that was 8 years ago and cost more than 3 times. Fast forward to today, I don’t think I will ever missed it. The gap is getting ever so close. 

XF18mm F1.4WR @F2.8 1/8000 with 2 x Broncolor Siros 800L
Say hello to X-T5
XF30mm F2.8 @F2.8
XF50-140mm F2.8 WR @F2.8 , 130mm , 1/200
XF90mm F2, @f2 1/60
The famous 5!
XF18mm F1.4WR @1.4

The X-T line have indeed improved by leap and bounce through the generations. Today, I am happy to share with you my experiences with the new Less than Full Frame 5th generation 40 mega pixel mirrorless camera, X-T5.  Before I start, many would ask how is the new X-T5  compare with X-H2. Since both house a 40MP sensor. I think the comparison should be focus on X-T4. We should discuss on the improvement from 4th to the 5th generation.  

XF18mm F1.4WR @1.4 /, 1/60
XF90mm F2 WR @F3.6 , 1/7000

With a leather strap X-T5 does have the retro vibes. Strap by @bokeh_camera_straps
XF50mm F1.0 @F1.0
XF18mm F1.4, 1/480
XF18mm F1.4, 1/280
XF35mm F1.4 @ F1.4
Which color would you choose?

Many believes that Fujifilm was a little confuse when they introduced X-T4 in 2020. A video focus X-T line camera. Especially with the fully articulate screen. It wasn’t really an upgrade from the sensor point of view. Rather  these 2 camera stand side by side. Of course the 6.5 stops IBIS on X-T4 is essential for video work and also a plus for still photography. In a nutshell, X-T3 is design for still photographers and X-T4 is for photographersthat also does more videos.

I think the biggest single reason or excuse you could give to your beloved wife, girlfriend and of course yourself for wanting a X-T5, is the 40 megapixel upgrade from 26 megapixel. To me that itself is worth the upgrade. Of course there are many other updated feature like faster AF and better AF accuracy , 6K and also 4K HQ video. Which is a good thing. There is also an audio setting feature just like X-H2. A lot more audio control compare with X-T4. For those photographer who loves shooting product; pixel shift multi shot is standard feature on X-T5. Transforming 20 shots into a whopping160 megapixel shot. Just note this feature is only possible when the camera is mounted on a tripod. 

Through the generation.
3-way Tilt Screen. Strap by @4silentbirds
Papa, this will make a good Christmas present for me!
X-T5 is a tad smaller.

The new X-T5 have lost some physical dimension vesus X-T4. Just a tad. Which is a very good thing. As X-T line cameras have been putting on physical size through the generation. In term of design, to the untrained eye, they all look pretty much the same. Why fix it when it’s not broken. The paintwork is also slightly different. How should I put it, The black has a deeper shade and the texture feel and look more refine. It has smaller paint grain on the surface. The grip does feels a little deeper compared to X-T4; I may be wrong. The EVF feel like the same 3.7 million dot resolution as X-T4. I did a compare  with X-H2, the EVF does feel sharper on X-H2. And to all still photographers, the LCD is 3-way tilt like X-T1, X-T2 and X-T3. Hooray to that if you are a still photographer. I am primary a still photographer and have been using a X-H2, honestly I have gotten used to the fully articulate screen. Of course if you are purely a street photographer the 3-way tilt screen is definitely the way to go. I think the most challenging process of getting a X-T5 is which color to choose? Black or silver? If you can’t make up your mind like myself, I bought a color each during the X-T2 era.

XF18mm F1.4 WR, @F4.5, 1/2900
If you can’t make a decision on which color, you are not alone.
XF18mm F1.4WR @F3.2 1/2000 with 2 Broncolor Siros 800L
XF18mm F1.4 @F5.6 , 1/20
XF90mm F2 WR @F2, 1/1500

Lastly I would like to thank Keitaro So San from Fujifilm for sharing with me about the joy of using a Less than Full Frame cameras. No doubt my love affair with More than Full Frame like GFX100S is strong. I am now seeing the joy and benefits of using Less than Full Frame. Especially now, that its house a powerful 40 megapixel sensor. The highest megapixel for a APS-C sensor. With no less than 37 world class lenses from Fujifilm and at least 30 lenses from 3rd party manufacturers, like Tamron, Sigma, Voigtländer Zeiss, Tokina, Voltrox, Laowa, TTartisan, 7Artisan, just to name a few. Below are some photo taken with these 3rd party lenses.

Tamron 150-500mm @500mm F6.7
Viltrox 13mm F1.4 AF @F1.4
Viltrox 13mm F1.4 AF @F1.4, 1/320

Tamron 150-500mm @500mm F6.7

I think Fujifilm X-system could be the new gold standard for photography. Why? With X-H2S, X-H2 and now X-T5, the X-series now house professional grade cameras that caters to all genre of photographers. The benefits are can be seen in their performance, size, weight, and they command great value; thus saving you heaps of money versus the full frame counterpart. Lastly the design, what can I say; Fujifilm cameras are the sexiest.

XF30mm F2.8 @F5.6, 1/600
XF18mm F1.4 WR @F1.4, 1/6400
Strap by @4silentbirds

Of course there is nothing to compare vs Full Frame system. Just like how could one compare the IQ of GFX vs Full Frame. They all have their rightful places in the world of photography. I am just saying, the Fujifilm X-series have come a long way and have grown to be a mature system that its worth a very serious consideration for both professional and amateur alike. And for those that is looking for the best Less than Full Frame system, Fujifilm X-Series is second to none.  Period! 

The best Less than Full Frame system. Fujifilm X-series. Strap by @4silentbirds

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  1. Very interesting article, Ivan! As a former Fuji “fanboy”, I started with the XT-1 and ended with the XT-3 and several very sharp Fujinon XF lenses. The only reason I went FF (Nikon Z) was that I print very large, and though I realize that one “can” print quite big with the Fuji sensor, I also know that the physics of a larger sensor should produce images with a bit more detail in 30″ x 40″ prints and larger, and being a stickler for image detail and sharpness, I went FF. Had I not printed large, I would have an XT-5 now. Thanks again!

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