35mm vs 35mm

I get quite a bit of fellow photographers asking what I think
of the new XF35mm WR F2 lens. And the most popular
question will be how does it stack up against its older
brother; the XF35mm F1.4?


I really don’t know how to compare this 2 great lenses.
They are different. In my opinion; if you are really into
street photography then the new XF35mm WR F2 will
be my recommendation. It has faster AF( a lot faster! )
and its also weather resistant. Its also very silent.

If you are into shooting people and portraits; then the
XF35mm F1.4 will be my recommendation. The bokeh
is brilliant for this lens. Not that the new XF35mm F2’s
bokeh is bad. Its just that I feel the XF35mm F1.4 is
more suited for shooting portraits.

Below are 2 set of photos; one shot with XF35mm F1.4
and the other XF35mm F2 WR. Hope these pictures
helps you make a decision on which lens suits you better.
And for those who can’t make-up their mind; its gonna
cost you; as you may need to buy both!







This last 2 pictures is to compare it at wide open between the 2 lenses.

Here is my review on the XF35mm WR F2



    1. I guess to a certain degree, this could be possible with firmware update from a camera.
      if not I guess maybe in the future there might be a XF35mm F1.4 mark ll. cheers.

  1. Just ordered the F1.4 after much internal debate. What I can say is that the latest firmware updates have drastically improved focus speeds and accuracy.
    Great review and presentation.

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