Meet Summer Brave Heart; Again.

A year ago; my almost 4 years old daughter then; Summer; went
for a heart check because our PD discover a heart murmur.
After all the test at the cardiology clinic; the results was good
and well. Her heart is normal. Praise God.

Just 2 weeks ago; she highlighted to us that she feels her
heart beat was beating fast. So we decided to bring her
to her cardio doctor for a check.



The doctor suggest that we have a heartbeat monitor on her
for 24 hours. This is to more accurately monitor her heart beat
rather then just at the clinic.




Summer trying soba making after what she saw this afternoon. Under her are all the heart beat monitor.

Summer put on a brave front and say that she is ok to have
the monitor stuck on her for 24 hours. We could see its rather
uncomfortable for Summer. Basically she has 7 wire “sensors”
that is tape onto her small body. This 7 sensor wire is connected
to a small box that gathers all the heart beat and heart rhythm

Sleeping was rather challenging for her. In the end she manage
to fall asleep. The next morning she was really looking forward to
get all the wire off her!


Papa, when can I get this off me?


When we reach the clinic to have the tape remove; another
battle awaits her. Its rather difficult to removed the sticky tape
from her chest. I guess its also rather painful for Summer. Its was
a painful and slow process. After 20 minutes of crying the devices
are finally off her.


Hang in there Summer Brave Heart. All the tapes will be out soon.


After lunch we went back for the result. Summer’s heart beat was
within range. What a relived for us as parents. Her Cardio doctor
suggest that we come back a year later for another check just to be
certain that all is well.

To celebrate; we brought Summer to one of the happiest place
on earth; Toys “R” us! Thank you Summer for being a such a brave

Toys ‘R’ Us! The happiest place on earth!


  1. Ivan, my father was a paediatric surgeon and we have three sons. I can imagine how worried you must have been. I am glad your little girl is allright and I wish you good luck. Btw your photos are beautiful. Cheers from Bratislava.

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