A Headless Chicken Photographer.


Its was a mad week trying to prepare the gears for my 1st oversea shoot
with the Fuji X system. Its a 9 days project shooting for India top property
developer. Basically documenting a luxury condominium; the building and
the people within the building. The final output will be a close to two hundred
pages book.

I was toying with the idea of having another XT1 body before I leave. So I
contact Mr Favian Loo of Fujifilm and ask if I am able to get a unit of the XT-1
in graphite silver. Was told all the units available are for pre-order and all
have been snap up. Therefore I will have to wait for the next shipment which
is schedule for end of November. ( I leave for New Delhi on 17th) Feeling like a
headless chicken; I ask again if he could help find a XT-1 GS for me? Replying
politely to a crazy photographer; he says :I will try my best and wait for my call.


After being a headless chicken photographer for slightly more then 30 minutes,
which feels like almost forever. I have a call from Favian. He manages to find a
unit for me via a local dealership. Kudos to Favian. Moral of the story, never take
no for an answer and make sure you have Fabian’s mobile number. If you don’t;
let me know.

Thank you Keitaro and Favian. DSCF1171b DSCF1165a

The only zoom in my stable is the XF 18-55mm and I needed more reach for this
coming project. And now the next hurdle is where to get the yet to release
XF50-140mm. I send a email to Keitaro San and he was kind enough to get me
a production set. Below are just a quick sample shot taken the XF 50-140mm on
a XT1-GS.

ISO 200, 140mm, F2.8, EV-0.3, 1/900
ISO 200, 140mm, F2.8, EV-0.3, 1/900
ISO 200, 140mm, F2.8, EV-0.3, 1/2400
ISO 200, 140mm, F2.8, EV-0.3, 1/2400
ISO 200, 140mm, F2.8, EV-0.3, 1/7000
ISO 200, 140mm, F2.8, EV-0.3, 1/7000

This is biggest and heaviest XF lens so far. In term of size its slightly bigger then
the Canon’s 70-200mm F4 lens. AF speed is swift and very quiet. Couple with the
XT-1’s new electronic shutter that goes up to a speed of 1/32,000, I am ready to
rock and roll!

Finally I have to thank the good people at Fujifilm Singapore for making all this
possible for me. Now I am all ready for Incredible India.


    1. Hi Brian, Sorry for the late reply. Was in New Dehli for a week. Thank you for the heads up. That was my 1st picture in wordpress and I wasn’t very sure how to go about. I just uploaded a picture and I just stretch it beyond it ability. Once thank you and I will upload a better quality picture soon. 🙂

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