A Kiddie Odyssey

I have always been a big fan of BBC Top Gear. Single handedly; James May, Richard Hammond and
Jeremy Clarkson made car review on TV into one of the most entertaining TV program ever. At least
in my world. You name it they have it everything on the show. For those who have yet to watch it, do
yourself a favor, check out this epic episode on how they review a Ford Fiesta! This 11 minutes video
is worth in gold! http://www.topgear.com/uk/videos/sensible-fiesta

Recently; Top Gear Singapore ask if I could do a shoot for them. It’s not a super car but a with a the new
Honda Odyssey + my daughter; Summer Faith as one of the 3 rascal in this little adventure. I say why not!
Finally Summer can see and be with Papa at work! Attached is the article. Shot with the Fuji XT1 + Profoto B1 & Acute

TGS30_p066-069 Kids Odyssey-1TGS30_p066-069 Kids Odyssey-2

{ More of behind the scene….}

DSCF0871 aaaDSCF06613000

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