Back in Black Exhibition

Back in Black is an exhibition where 14 Fujifilm X-Photographers from around the globe comes together to showcase their craft in Prague.. They have one thing in common; all photos are shot with the Fujifilm GFX system. This exhibition last for a month at the beautiful Manes Gallery which was built in 1930. Below are some of my exhibition series. I name them FujiFanboys. This portraits series is to showcase the Fujifilm photographers that uses Fujifilm camera. From GFX to Instax to X-series system.
Manes Gallery. Shot from Dancing House Hotel.
Manes Gallery is just a stone throw to the famous Dancing House Hotel.
Thank you X-photographer Kyaw Kyaw Winn for this shot.
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Heak Hwee Lee is a medical doctor by profession specializing in aesthetic dermatology. She fell in love with photography in 2016 after she brought her first Fujifilm camera, X-T2. She keeps an active Facebook blog of her daily encounters recorded with her Fujifilm camera. FujiFangirl since 2016
Inside the beautiful Manes Gallery.
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Keith Wee is a Mathematics teacher by profession, he is also the the administrator of Fujifilm Singapore Facebook user group. He writes about life and photography reviews at FujiFanboy Since 2013
My humble work.
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Tennant Lim is a Retail Manager by day and Intergalactic Bounty Hunter by night. He adopted the Fujifilm X-T20 and specializes in monochromatic portraiture and reportage photography. FujiFanboy since 2017
Event brochures.
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Jessica Wang An ex Fujifilm Asia Pacific staff. She uses the X-T1 and was drawn into photography by a fellow colleague. Her passion includes running, swimming, cycling and pole dancing. FujiFangirl since 2014
Manes Gallery
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Angie Vu Ha is a model, actress, DJ and producer. She is best known as “Asia’s Sexiest DJ” and was given an award for Number 1 Female DJ by the prestigious Top 10 Asia and ranked the sexiest DJs in the world by The Sun Las Vegas. America got to know Angie Vu Ha on the Season 10 of America’s Got Talent with Nick Cannon. FujiFangirl since 2017
I love the natural light spilling into the gallery.
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Eujin Goh is an industrial designer by training but spends most of his days espousing the distinctive qualities of broncolor lights and phase one cameras. He also loves his X-T1 + XF23mm F1.4 very much but he is hoping for Santa to gift him his favorite X100V or maybe X-Pro3. FujiFanboys since 2015
Back in Black Exhibition.
At the same time in November, over four weekends, 65 workshops and talks will be conducted by Czech and international X-Photographers. The genre represented is very
comprehensive. It’s like a photography festival, where photographers comes to learn and be inspire.
I had the opportunity to conduct a location workshop, talk and a photowalk too. My location workshop’s venue is at Sacre Coeur. It’s a one hundred and ten years old chapel. My model is a professional boxer and also a stuntman.
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Inside Sacre Coeur.
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Tethering via Capture One with GFX50S.
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Hit me if you can!
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Demo Demo Demo.
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Participants having a go.

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Ondref! My fav man in Prague.
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Serious fun is always welcome.
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A quick snap with some of the participants.

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My talk at Manes Gallery.
I was asking how many Fuji user? We also have Leica, Canon, Nikon and Sony user. What a great session.
Always fun having a photowalk with this bunch of cool Ukraine boys.


Below is the video link to the amazing workshop over the 1st weekend. Not to be missed.
I also had the opportunity to extend my stay for 3 days to explore this beautiful city.
Perfect opportunity to do some street photography. when its comes to Street Photography I seriously have no idea what it actually meant. I guess its just using a camera to document the place where your feet brings you. LOL. Here are series of photos that I have shot during my stay at this beautiful city call Prague, where she has left a deep footprint. I have label them under different title.
The human face is always filled with many facet. This is all written on it. I tried to get
as close as I could to nail a shot. All this photos are taken with X100F. I like it as its
totally silence in the operation. Firing a couple of shots per second without a single bit of sound is as stealth as one could get.
Prague is indeed a walkable city. It’s my first time there and it kind of transported me back in time. A classical and charming city. Filled with history in every corner. One just needed to explore.
Charles Bridge.




Double exposure.
National Theatre


This famous 42 mobile tiers sculpture align to form the face of the famous Czech writer Franz Kafka.
Old world charm.


Prague. Shot from Prague Castle.


Shot from the iconic Charles Bridge.


9-DSCF4839l 1
My home for 6 days in Prague. Dancing House Hotel.
Along Archbishop Palace
Art is everywhere in Prague.
National Museum along Wenceslas Street.
Vltava is the longest river within the Czech Republic.
9-DSCF5330l 1
The Žižkov Television Tower. Shot from Letna Park.
Reflection along Vltava river.
National Theatre
My only sunny morning at Prague.
The lovely Manes Gallery where the Back in Black Exhibition is held.
Shot though the hotel room.
Nuns outside Church of Saint Adalbert
Last glorious shot at Prague Airport before heading home.
To sweeten my trip; I met up with FujiFanboy Jonas. He actually travel from Brno to
meet me at Prague. That is about 200km away. He spend one and half day showing me
Prague and since we are both FujiFanboys, photowalk is also part of it. Jonas is a also model; I photograph him as we walk along too. What more could I ask for. This is the best photowalk ever plus the amazing hospitality from Jonas.
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FujiFanboy : Jonas


Jonas paired his X-H1 with vintage Nikon lens.

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No visit is complete to the best camera store in Prague.

9-OINK2284lGFX - 3 of 7

FujiFanboys having fun.

I X do u? BOOK. - 1 of 49-OINK2307lGFX - 1 of 79-OINK2299lGFX - 6 of 79-OINK2368lI X do u? BOOK. - 2 of 4I X do u? BOOK. - 4 of 4

Eating local at Lokal.


Good bye Jonas. As he journey back to Brno.
Lastly here are my fav 10 shots from Prague.
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