Best FOOT Forward


Have you ever felt that you have nothing to shoot? Especially in a familiar environment.

Yet when we are on a holiday; every corner or street seems to be a photo opportunity.

The good news is; you are not alone in the photographic world! To overcome such issue;

may I suggest a theme. Simple as it may be but a project like this may take days or weeks

to be completed; say a 12 pictures folio. This will push your photography eye to see further.

Here are a few samples themes:

1. Funny business signboards.

2. Upside down, Anything that happened to be upside down.

3. Group portraits folio. From 2 people to 12 people. So you will have shots base on 2 pax,

3 pax, 4 pax to 12 pax.

4. Hands. Portraits of hands from all ages.

5. Best foot forward; Anything to do with the foot/legs

The concept is not to have a one shot wonder. Rather to shoot more of a same genre.

Here are a series of pictures on Best Foot Forward. They could small or big. Famous

or smelly. Sexy or slender, feet that help us to walk, jump, run or fly. Strong, tired or

even feet at rest. Fashion or street. Commercial or personal. They are everywhere.

There is even a pair right below you now! If you do happened to complete the above

5 themes; you would build up a folio already. Do start now and get those feet moving! DSCF7410 DSCF1163 IMG_0104 (1) copy DSCF3238


BK DSCF9404 DSCF0930 DSCF5661 DSCF0908


maninder2_1   DSCF1131 DSCF9690 DSCF3270

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