XF 35mm F2 WR.

Once in awhile something special comes into the world of photography.
Generally speaking most of the time; that “something special” comes
at a cost. Its because of either the rarity, the expensive material used or
the special way its being manufacture in the sic-fi factory in a secret

The Fujinon XF35mm F1.4 with the square metal hood is one of the reason
that got me so hook to the X-series system. I would dare say its quite magical.
The IQ that this small wonder produces is truly outstanding. Today I would
like to welcome a new member of the even growing X-series family; the XF35
F2 WR. Yes its weather resistant! There is no fear in shooting that bikini model
by the sea or pool anymore. Provided you mount this lens on a X-T1.

F2, 1/1800
F2, 1/1800
F5, 1/4500
F5, 1/4500
F2, 1/6500
F2, 1/6500
F5.6,  1/480
F5.6, 1/480

The new XF 35mm F2 has a lens construction of 9 elements in 6 groups; which
includes 2 aspherical elements. Its exterior is all metal. As its WR; rain and dust
is no more a problem and it able to work in temperatures as low as -10℃.

The frist question will always be; how is the new XF35mm F2 compare with the
XF35mm F1.4. Its a bit smaller in size and weight 17gm lighter then the
XF35mm F1.4. Autofocus is definitely faster then XF35mm F1.4.

There is nothing really to compare as they are 2 different lenses sharing the
same focal length. Then why another 35mm lens? I personally believe the reason
for the birth of this lens is base on the feed back from the market forces.
A smaller lens. Tick! A relatively cheaper lens. Tick! A faster AF lens. Tick!
They come with either in black or silver finish. Tick! WR. Tick again!


All shot at F2
All shot at F2
F2, 1/3000
F2, 1/3000
F2, 1/1400
F2, 1/1400

If I were to make a choice to which 35mm lens to have. I would need to ask
myself what other lenses do I own in my set up? Are they also WR?
Do I own a X-T1? I believe WR lenses and cameras will be the standard
for the future. I believe there will be a XF35mm F1.4 Mk 2 and it will be WR
for sure; and it will be mated with WR X cameras.

I already own the wonderful 35mm F1.4 and its a keeper for me. As for the 35mm
F2 will I get it? Its already in my stable! I think its a great addition for any street
photographer; its smaller, lighter, faster AF and weather resistant.

F2, 1/4000
F2, 1/4000
F2, 1/5500
F2, 1/5500








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  1. Nice review Ivan! My only question is whether you think that this new 35 is at least as sharp as (or sharper than) the original Fujinon 35 f/1.4? Thank you sir!

    1. Hello Steve, I didn’t really do a in depth comparison but at F2 I would say they both are the same to me. But I do remember the rendering of the bokeh
      looks nicer for the 35mm F2 @ F2.

      1. Interesting, Ivan! Thanks for your evaluation. Since I use the XT-1, I think the Weather-sealing plus the image quality being at least as good, has convinced me on the new 35 f/2. (The increased AF speed isn’t crucial to me since I do primarily landscapes and product photography.)

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