Best of 2022

2022 has been challenging for me in many front. I lost a photographer who was also my business partner in my early days
in the photography industry. He committed suicide. I don’t really know the real reason and I will never know. But I do know everyone have a set of life struggles. And these struggles are real and they come in many forms.  

Instead of focusing at the “downs’ of 2022, I think there are still many moments to give thanks. As I reflect on some of my favorite photos of 2022; these are indeed blessings. I am thankful that I have document it. Thankful for my family. Thankful for friends. Thankful for good health. Thankful for work. Thankful for peace. Thankful for Fujifanboys community! 

Below are some of my fav 2022 photos. Some fashion, portraits, family, travel and everyday mundane street. Hope you will like them. Lastly, thank you for supporting Fujifanboys and the friendship. I wish everyone a great 2023. Filled with heaps of great photography adventures with your beloved X-series and GFX series.

#1 Who is still shooting film. As for me, I had enough of shooting 135mm and 120mm film in the early part of my career.
#2 Having some fun during an interior shoot. X-E4 + XF18mm F1.4 LM WR
#3 Evening at VivoCity Mall . X100V, my fav everyday camera.
#4. These are not toy cars. GFX100S + GF32-64mm
#5. Kawaguchi Train Station. Love the lenticular cloud that looks like a resting eagle. X-H2 + XF23mm F1.4 LM WR
#6. Bobby Tonelli. GFX100S + GF63mm( Lite with Nanlite)
#7. Tokyo. X-H2 + XF23mm F1.4 LM WR
#8. Blue Tail Bee Eater. X-H2 + XF56mm F1.2 WR
#9. Singapore. X-Pro3 + Voigtlander Nokton 23mm f1.2
#10. Royal Caribbean Cruise. GFX100S + GF23MM
#11. Risky Game. Yoyogi Stadium, Japan. X-H2 + XF56mm F1.2 WR
#12. X-H2S + XF200-600mm
#13. Halloween Party. X-T5 + XF18mm LM WR
#14. Accidents do happened! But there is always a silver lining. Below(#15) is a snap taken with a crack Cinebloom filter. What do you think? X-H2 + XF23mm F1.4 LM WR.
#15. Fujiyoshida. X-H2 + Viltrox 13mm F1.4. (with a crack Cinebloom filter)
#16. Pulau Ubin. X-Pro3 + XF33mm F1.4 LM WR ( Lite with Broncolor Siros 800L)
#17. Bedok North, Singapore. GFX100S + GF30mm
#18. Cousins. X-Pro3 + Sigma 18-50mm F2.8
#19. Tokyo. X-H2 + Viltrox 13mm F1.4
#20. Pulau Ubin. Keitaro So San (left) is the man that connect me as a X-photographer. Iwata San is the MD for Fujifilm APAC. Both of them decided to bow after seeing the road sign. Always fun hanging out with them.
#21. Mount Fuji. X-H2 + XF56mm F1.2 WR
#22. Legalize Grafitti. X-E4 + XF18mm F1.4 LM WR
#23. Rain. X-T5 + XF50-140mm
#24. Singapore. GFX100S + GF110mm LM WR
#25. Shinjuku Station. X-H2 + XF56mm F1.2 WR
#26. Empty pool. GFX100S + GF45mm (Lite by Broncolor Siros 800L)
#27. Evening glow. GFX100S + GF45mm
#28. In Love. X-Pro3 + Voigtlander Nokton 23mm f1.2
#29. Brompton BarBour. X-T5 + XF18mm F1.4 LM WR( Lite by Broncolor Siros 800L)
#30.Swinming. I ask this gentleman how long are you letting your dog swim? 30 minutes; daily excise. X-E4 + XF30mm F2.8
#31. Always fun to have shooting buddy in the family. X-E4.
#32. Sister Act. X-H2 + XF23mm F1.4 LM WR
#33. Double Mask, double protection. X-Pro3 + XF18mm F1.4 LM WR
#34. People’s Park. X-Pro3 + XF56mm F1.2 WR ( Lite with Godox 200 Pro)
#35. Tokyo. X-H2 + XF23 F1.4 LM WR
#36. Singapore. Shot this during a photowalk with Fujifanboys community X-E4 + XF50mm F1.0 LM WR
#37. We are all strangers until we say Hi!. Oishi Park. Kawaguchiko. X-H2 + XF56mm F1.2 WR
#38. Pulau Ubin. X100V
#39. Sunshine under the pending storm. GFX100S + GF23mm
#40. @summerfaithloh Lawson at Kawaguchiko. X-H2 + XF23mm F1.4 LM WR
#41. Vlogging BTS. X-Pro3 + Sigma 18-50mm F2.8
#42. Phun. GFX100S + GF63mm. (Broncolor Siros 800L)
#43. Nothing beats taking a portraits of my beloved range finder style X-Series camera. These are my fav camera for street photography. Shot with X-H2 + XF35mm F2 WR.
#44. South China Sea. GFX100S + GF23mm.
#45. Birthday party. X-E4 + XF18mm F1.4 LM WR
#46. This photo competition started with one sole purpose, to weave Fujifilm community closer have grew to become the biggest global photo competition for Fujifilm.
#47. Shinjuku. X-H2 + XF23mm F1.4 LM WR.
#48. Fujiyoshida. Mandatory tourist snap. X-H2 + XF56mm F1.2 WR
#49. Over lunch in Tokyo, I was showing off my X-H2 to Jun Watanabe that it won Best Mirrorless camera for video by CineD 2022. He replied that his X-H2S won the Product of the year 2022 by DP Review. I guess we are equal now. Most importantly, shabu shabu lunch was great! Double celebration! Photo by @Summerfaithloh ( X-E4 + XF27mm F2.8) This photo basically wrap up 2022 for me.

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