50mm F1.4 Tilt, Creatively Fun.

When Fujifanboy @alwinkok_  pass me the TTartisan 50mm F1.4 Tilt lens, I was pretty excited about it. Didn’t have any expectation but I tell myself to just take it through its paces and see what this lens could offer? It’s a manual focus lens.
The built quality of this lens does feels very premium. And it has some good weight to it too. Overall a very handsome looking lens with 2 screws attached. One for the purpose of tilting. The other is for rotating the lens. 360 degree.

When I mate it with a X-T5; they look amazing together. Looks alone is never enough, is this lens any good? I have never used a 50mm tilt lens; which is a 75mm in 135 format. Generally speaking I only use Tilt lens for interior and architecture photography. Which mean these lens are always on wider side. So what could one do with a 50mm Tilt lens?

So, what could this lens be use for? I actually have no idea, and for the last one week plus its been my everyday lens. If you don’t tilt this lens; it’s basically a 50mm F1.4 lens. Works prettywell like any other 50mm lens. Before I share little more, I will let the photo do some talking for a better understanding. Image quality is soft when shot wide open. Chromatic aberration is present at times. No biggy. 

This is the top view of the above photo. When you change the plane of focus, one could get all the 3 lenses in focus even at F5.6.

What do you think of the photos? Pretty fun right? I enjoy the tilt function. The lens ability to tilt is a joy to use. Creatively this lens score top marks. The more I used the better I get compared when I first had it. Which I think it’s quite painful to set it up. Now it’s easy peasy. I guess like all things in life, patience and practice is key.

Just yesterday, I was on a field and there are birds flying around. I just realize if I tilt the plane of focus to vertical and maybe set to F4- F8 range I could quite easily nail a decent shot of the birds flying on my left to right. As it’s a 50mm lens I can’t get any closer; imagine there is a 100mm or 200mm tilt lens? 

At USD$199 this lens is worth a serious consideration. It works well as a standard 50mm lens plus the tilt function; this lens opens up to endless creativity. I would recommend this lens.

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