BIRD Watching.

In my twenties; I always look forward to the next issue of National Geographic Magazine.
The imagery in the magazine is always so NatGeo! Colorful, impactful, meaningful,
exciting…you name it they will have an awesome image on any topic!

I remembered reading an article; for every one picture that is printed on National Geographic
Magazine; an average of thirty rolls of films will be used. Which mean the ratio is three
hundred and sixty shots to one! Imagine how many rolls of films were used for an issue?

The dream of someday being a NatGeo photographer may be stored way way back in
my mind; As a commercial photographer I still try from time to time to do some nature
photography. Not that I waited hours to get the shot rather as a causal shooter and when I
am lucky the shot presented in front of me. Be it walking to the library with my kiddo, a
lunch break from my commercial shoot or a family holiday to a not so exciting destination.

Here are some of my recent “bird” collection using a Fuji X camera. This series is about birds.
Big ones, small ones, real ones, fake ones or even dead ones. Do take note; some of the birds
are really tiny in the picture. Hopefully you could spot it!

Instead of waiting for the superzoom lens from Fujifilm; I just shoot anything with wings; with
whatever lens that is mounted. From a XF14mm to XF50-140mm. Hopefully someone from
NatGeo will contact me soon. If not I really need to get the superzoom.

Xpro-1 +14mm
Xpro-1 +14mm

DSCF6291 DSCF1326

X-T1 +18-55mm
X-T1 +18-55mm

DSCF1539 DSCF5342 DSCF6299 DSCF6475 DSCF6303

Xpro-1 +35mm
Xpro-1 +35mm
Cover for Conde Nast Magazine. X-T1 +23mm
Cover for Conde Nast Magazine. X-T1 +23mm

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