CineBloom on Location.

Moment Cinebloom filter + GFX50S + GF63mm

Moment’s Cinebloom filters rocks! I have recently mate it on a lens and did a studio shoot. I love how the light blooms in the frame. Easily helps create more feel and mood in a frame. 
Today I decided to test it on a location shoot. Using it on both during the day and toward the late evening. Below are some photos to share. The cool dude is Bobby Tonelli. And the equally cool apparel is from Porsche X BOSS collection from Hugo Boss. What better Porsche than the new Taycan 4S to help electrified the scene. A big thank you to

Nothing beats seeing it in the flesh. The Taycan is gorgeous.
Just a filter but the results are stunning.

I basically tried the Moment Cinebloom filter (20%) on 3 scenario. Daylight, Strobe and just playing with the Broncolor Siros 800L modeling light. For daylight scene, it’s generally soft. As the afternoon was rather flat because it an overcast day. As we come toward the late afternoon, there was a moment of direct sunlight.This is where it get more fun. Or should I say, more bloom.

SOOC. Sun flaring from the left.
Cinebloom create a soft look.

Scene 2 is toward the early evening. It’s generally a 3 to 4 lights set-up. I have added color gel into the mix. As you could see from the below photos, some shot have the light facing directly into the lens. Other options is to place the strobe out of the frame and let light flare into frame. It’s nice to have the “bloom”. It does create that cinematic feel. 

Men at work. Below 2 shot are taken with this set-up. 3 Broncolor Siros 800L
SOOC Jpeg. Loving the flare?
GFX50S + GF63mm ( 4 lights set-up)

For scene 3, It’s basically placing the strobe like a steet lamp and let this filter do the magic. I personally love the result of scene 3 best. What do you think? Fun? I feel there are many application to this little filter from Moment. Don’t take my word for it. Give it a shot as they are rather inexpensive to own. Here is the link

My fav scene. Cinematic Scene.
What do you think?
GFX50s + GF63mm. ISO800, 1/58 EV-0.33 @F2.8
MUA @christinechiamakeup doing her magic on Bobby.
While waiting for Taycan to arrived; I did a snap of Christine. GFX50s + Cinebloom. During daytime; the Cinebloom creates a soft feel.
Me! I am loving the Taycan. (X100V)

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