MOMENT Rugged Camera Sling Bag

When its comes to handbags, I guess our wives or girlfriends will certainly have one too many. As a photographer, I have a confession too. I have many camera bags, case and backpack too. Hard case alone, I have five, Zero Halliburton, Pelican, Nanuk, Lanzzo and Crumpler. I shall not go into bags or backpacks; don’t wanna spill the beans to my wife. LOL.
Today I wanna share about a special bag with Fuji Fanboys community. This camera bag iscreated by MOMENT in collaboration with Fujifilm. Moment started in 2013 on Kickstarter. making gear for phones. Now they do more than that. 
When I first received the Rugged Camera Sling Bag 10L version; my first impression was how light weight this camera bag is.  I don’t know what magic did Moment designers put in this bag to make so light. It’s unbelievable. 

All I know its made from 100% recycled polyester fiber and film. This uber-light material is NorthPak. They are made by North Sails; the world’s leading sailmaker and producer of laminated sailcloth. This is probably the first time it’s ever used on a camera bag. And I am sure it will live it up to it name as a Rugged Camera Sling Bag. 
Another great experience of this sling bag is the ease of sliding the sling bag from the back to the front. I guess it because of the material; it just glides. How much gears could one put into this 10L bag? The below photo tells its all plus I still have some space left. I am completely surprised how much this bag could swallow. 

The perfect bag for street photographers.
Customizable dividers keep you organized on the inside.
Water resistant YKK zippers.
NorthPak is the world’s first durable + waterproof pack fabric made from 100% recycled polyester fiber and film.
Large front pocket for quick access.
Padded wingback design hugs your body for comfortable carry.
Deep enough to even insert a XF50-140mm F2.8 lens.
Integrated key clip.
Magnetic clips.
Side profile is equally good looking.

There are 2 other pocket section. One on the front for easy excess and the other on the inside. On the outer under section, one is also able to strap a tripod. In the main section, it comes with 3 dividers for different configuration. On the inside there is also a slot to slide in a iPad. Now, what is there not to love about this bag. Perfect for any street photographer and more. 

More compartment to keep all essential small gears.
Love the practical top handle. Just pick and go.
Design for creatives by creatives.

After using it exclusively for the last 2 weeks; here are my thoughts. Firstly the size is just about right as a daily sling bag.(10 L version) You could squeeze heaps of photographic gears. I love sling bag because all one need is to swing it forwards and its right in front. Unzipped and makes all the lens changes. That is why I think its perfect for street photographers and those who needs a traveling bag. It’s always very comfortable. Last but not least its the weight of this bag. Super light for its size.
If you are looking for something like this, wait no more. Here is the link.

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