The relentless pursuit of gear acquiring; has no end. More importantly is the ability to use this gear to its fullest advantage. To do that we need to learn and understand why the product was design for, and why one needs it. Today I would like to share with you a Cinebloom filter. This is a diffusion filter from Moment. In a nutshell this diffusion filter diffuses strong light without affecting the more sharpness of the image. Thus creating a really cinematic but dreamy or hazy glow around light. This Cineblooms filter comes in 10% and 20% strength variations. 

I am not really a “filter” kind of guy especially in this digital era. Th last time I own filters was during my film days. And that is indeed a long time ago.  I decided to give myself an opportunity to get acquainted with the CineBloom Filter. I went for the 20% strength version. Since I going to test it; what is the point of being subtle? Below is a photo with a slider to showcase the difference. The exposure is different for this 2 photos. I just wanna you to zoom on the street lamp on how much “glow” it gives.

This is shot with the 20% intensity Cinebloom Filters.

I started using it on a XF23mm F1.4 lens as I bought it for this lens. Filter tread of 62mm.  Only to realize later that it also fits my XF56mm and XF90mm. When I look at my GF lens series; it also fits GF45mm and GF 63mm. Wow. 1 filter for 5 lenses. 
Really don’t know what to expect and more importantly what to shoot with. As with all filters they have their sweet spot. Do I use it for street, cityscape or even portraits? 
As I didn’t really know what to shoot with; I just shoot what comes along in the last 2 weeks. Below are some shots that I think works well. Just to give you a general feel how this Moment Cinebloom filter behaves. I strongly believed those who does video works; this high quality filter is an essential piece of tool to help create that cinematic feel. Some may ask, why not do the effect in post? This is about get it right and also an old school feel to it. The rendition and falloff is definitely more natural. This filter is not a new product in the industry but the Moment filter is certainly thiner and cost less compare with its peers.
When there is a strong light in the frame; the Cinebloom performs best. If there is a direct light source; the results just pops. It’s like a very soft flare; in a beautiful way. If the scene is flat; it doesn’t work best not that it can’t. So to take advantage of this filter, one need to understand when to apply it. If you don’t how like myself; it’s a journey of discovery. And it’s a fun one. Below are some photos to share; from street photography to studio. 

Evening glow from both the sky and the street lamp.
Quite fun shooting street with it.
Shot this with some light coming through the car windscreen. Creating a lovely glow.
Taking advantage of the late afternoon sun.
Street photography. I think it works quite well.
Trying to be arty. LOL.
Studio shot.
Late night.
Model @cheryltaysg (Founder of @RockTheNakedTruthSG) This is a SOOC shot. Love the glow that it been cast.
Cafe staff cleaning up.

The Cinebloom Filters will be available in 10% & 20% intensities in the following filter thread sizes; 37mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, & 82mm. Here is the link for who is serious looking at it. 


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